‘Unheard masses like us who pay into the system need help too, chancellor’

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What has got readers talking today? (Picture: Getty)

The Budget is still generating plenty of conversation among Metro readers, whether it’s a lift in the pension cap or free childcare.

The Coronation is now less than two months away but debate still continues over whether we should still have a king, and what it means to have poor mental health.

Read on to hear more views, and share yours in the comments.

■ Regarding the reaction to Jeremy Hunt’s Budget (MetroTalk, Fri), there’s at least one group that has always been conspicuously absent from reports about how it will affect the population.

I’m almost 40, single, have no kids, work full-time, can’t claim any kind of benefit, and am forced to still live at home because I can’t afford to even rent a home, let alone buy a place of my own.

The Budget has never offered any reasonable incentive for my demographic, yet we’re the unheard masses who pay into the system. I’m sure there are loads like me who don’t want a handout but it would be nice to have some meaningful help. Rob The Mod, Wimbledon

What are your thoughts on last week’s Budget? (Picture: Daniel Leal/ Getty)

Spring Budget 2023: Key points

Seven key takeaways from today’s Budget

Energy price guarantee to remain at £2,500 for the next three months

30 hours of free childcare for every child over the age of 9 months

Pension changes coming in 2023 – from payment rises to tax cuts

To get the latest from the Budget announcement visit’s Metro’s Budget news hub.

■ I’m a long-serving and hard-working teacher approaching 53. Reflecting on the Budget and Jeremy Hunt’s kind offer of increasing the pension pot from £1million to £1.8million (before paying tax) in an attempt to get the over-fifties back to work, who has £1million in their pension?

I’m likely to retire with a £33,000-a-year teacher’s pension at 67, if I’m lucky. I’d have to draw this pension for over 30 years to reach £1million.

Hunt should be paying the teachers more to attract young blood into education, not enticing millionaire fiftysomething consultants out of retirement. What a complete joke. Mark, Fair Oak

■ Speaking about this week’s Budget regarding parents getting help with childcare costs (Metro, Thu), Mary Baldwin says she will miss out because she earns more than the £100,000 threshold put in place.

If Ms Baldwin thinks she is missing out on anything with earnings in excess of £100,000, she is on a different planet from the rest of us who are trying to survive on incomes below the tax threshold. Angie, Redhill

Planned free childcare from nine months will only apply to certain households (Picture: Alamy)

■ Hunt announced 30 hours of free childcare for every child over nine months. We will now have millions more new free childcare places, but where are …read more

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