UK’s Eurovision act Olly Alexander says he wouldn’t send his kids to school

Olly Alexander performing Dizzy

It wasn’t always so easy for Eurovision star Olly Alexander (Picture: Getty)

UK Eurovision Song Contest hopeful Olly Alexander has revealed his thoughts on the country’s education system – admitting that he wouldn’t send his kids to school.

Olly, 33, will represent the UK in tonight’s Eurovision, singing the pop song Dizzy.

A trailblazing pop star in his own right, Olly has three hit albums under his belt, including two UK number one albums and 10 UK Top 40 singles.

Rising to fame with his band Years & Years, Alexander evolved into a solo artist, while also appearing as an actor in the Russell T Davies TV show It’s A Sin – earning himself a BAFTA for his performance.

Ahead of his Eurovision performance tonight, Olly has spoken about his journey to fame, revealing how he struggled during his school years.

This has led the musician and LGBTQ+ activist to consider home educating his own children so that they may avoid the same fate.

Olly will perform at this year’s Eurovision (Picture: Shutterstock)

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School wasn’t always easy for young Olly (Picture: Shutterstock)

‘I was confused a lot of the time, thinking I don’t fit in anywhere and I didn’t know why,’ Olly said of his time at school.

‘When I was really young I wanted to have long hair and wear make-up and very quickly I realised that didn’t go down well with other kids, specifically the boys. They would make fun of me and call me a girl in a way that was really negative, so I was just really confused and hated going to school for that reason.

‘It was tough. I really struggled at school and, I don’t think I’ll have kids, but if I had one I just wouldn’t want to send them to school – I’d say you’re not going, you’re staying at home with me, you’ve got singing at nine and crystal therapy at ten!’ he joked.

Olly won critical acclaim with the TV show It’s A Sin (Picture: Ross Ferguson)

However, the star has come into his own since leaving school, going on to become a celebrated musician and actor.

‘But I always, always loved singing – and this is the kind of kid I was – for my Year 6 Assembly I wrote and performed my own original song – it was called Why Can’t We Be Perfect, I had a little Casio keyboard and a four track cassette tape …read more

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