UFO ‘disabled nuclear missile using laser beams’ over Pacific

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A ‘disc-shaped’ UFO with a ‘raised bubble in the centre’ allegedly took on a nuke (Picture: Getty/Science Photo Libra)

A ‘disc-shaped UFO’ disabled a US nuclear missile over the Pacific during a routine test, according to multiple military whistleblowers.

The craft allegedly circled the unarmed dummy warhead as it travelled at several thousands miles per hour, before firing four beams of light at the missile.

It is not known at what altitude the altercation is said to have occurred.

Retired US Air Force officers Lieutenant Bob Jacobs and Major Florenze Mansmann are among two who claim the event took place, and say they have seen footage of the event, which captured on September 15, 1964.

However, the video has since gone missing.

Extraordinary allegations about the encounter have been swirling for years, but are now being investigated by author Robert Hastings, whose books include UFOs And Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed.

The incident allegedly took place in 1964 (Picture: Getty/

Lt Jacobs and Maj Mansmann were part of the team charged with filming the test from a military telescopic photography site in Big Sur, California, and while doing so, inadvertently captured the altercation.

They allege that after a ‘highly-restricted’ screening of the footage, two plain-clothed CIA officers confiscated the tape.

Lt Jacobs said that at the time Maj Mansmann had told him ‘not to talk about it’, and said ‘it had never happened’.

Lt Robert Jacobs says he saw footage of a UFO disarming a nuclear warhead (Picture: YouTube/Bob Salas)

Separately, Mr Hastings confirmed that Luis Elizondo, former director of the advanced aerospace threat identification program (AATIP), also said he had seen the footage.

This was confirmed by an anonymous US Senate investigator, not Mr Elizondo himself, who has previously accused the Pentagon of trying to discredit him for speaking out over the issue of UFOs.

Writing on his website, The UFO Chronicles, Mr Hastings described the craft as a ‘domed, disc-shaped UFO’.

A US warhead was allegedly disabled by a UFO (Picture: Getty)

‘[The video] showed exactly what Dr Jacobs has maintained over the years – a UFO actually interfered with an Atlas missile in flight, as it carried a dummy nuclear warhead aloft,’ wrote Mr Hastings. 

‘The official Air Force video of the encounter captures the moment the unknown object appears to engage the warhead with a luminous beam – which turned on and off four times – as it travelled downrange at several thousand miles-per-hour over the Pacific Ocean.’

By 1983 Maj Mannsnann had decided to speak out about the encounter, describing the UFO as a ‘classic disc, the center seemed to be a raised bubble… the entire lower saucer shape was glowing and seemed to be rotating slowly.’

Former UFO programme director Luis Elizondo (Picture: CNN)

A year earlier, Lt Jacobs – then a university professor specialising in communications – had written an article about the incident in the ‘sensationalistic’ National Enquirer. After publication he began receiving ‘death threats’ over the phone, and ‘intimidating letters from certain well-known UFO “skeptics” who attempted to get Jacobs to retract the story’.

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