Twitter Reacts to Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger’s Punt

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens rev up their AFC rivalry for the second time this season in Baltimore for week nine. The last time these two teams met, the Ravens took care of the depleted Steelers in perfect upset fashion. But ever since that game, the Steelers have been a completely different team.

Baltimore knew that this week’s game wasn’t going to be easy. The Steelers have finally found their groove, and rolling through all of their opponents. Meanwhile, the Ravens have cooled off a bit from their hot start to the season. But regardless of what happened in the past, the Ravens knew what to expect when they came into Sunday’s matchup against the Steelers.

At least, they thought they knew what to expect. The Steelers are a different team this season with James Conner in the backfield instead of Le’Veon Bell. You never quite know what to expect from Pittsburgh in 2018. And who knows, you just might find them pulling off some unexpected trickery. Like, say, Ben Roethlisberger punting the ball. No, seriously. They had Ben Roethlisberger change the play on fourth down to a punt, and he was the kicker. Check it out.

Big Ben Turns to Big Leg?

#Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger checks into a punt on 4th-and-6. His left-footed punt, the 6th of his career and his first since 2013, goes for 27 yards

— Kevin Boilard (@247KevinBoilard) November 4, 2018

It’s been quite a while since this has been done. It wasn’t terrible but also wasn’t great. As expected, Twitter went off with reactions towards Roethlisberger’s decision to punt instead of running a play on fourth down. Check out some of the responses.

Was This Planned?

Secret Ben Roethlisberger punt is not as clever as it sounds and it doesn’t sound clever at all

— Jim Newell (@jim_newell) November 4, 2018

What Was The Logic Behind That Decision?

Um. Why did Ben Roethlisberger just punt? Gotta think they had a better shot at converting on 4th and 6 than for that punt to go well.

— Jessica Sprenkle (@jsprenk) November 4, 2018

I Guess Big Ben Is a Righty Trying New Things

Ha. Ben Roethlisberger with a 27-yard, left footed punt.

— Chase Williams WPXI (@chasepwilliams) November 4, 2018

At Least He Tried…?

Ben Roethlisberger pooch punt did not fool Ravens. Nets 9 yards

— Ed Bouchette (@EdBouchette) November 4, 2018

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