Twitter is warning of more DC violence as tech giants move to suspend Trump and calls for the president’s removal grow

US Capitol siege

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Read on for a breakdown of the biggest stories of the past week, the inside track on a COVID vaccine loophole, and insight into Instagram’s mysterious algorithm. 

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It’s hard to find words to describe the past week.

I watched with horror as pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday. Since then, videos like this one and stories like this one have made it clear that the siege on the Capitol may have been worse than it looked in real time. 

There are growing calls for President Trump to resign, while Democrats could move on impeachment proceedings next week. A majority of Americans believe Trump should be removed before Joe Biden’s inauguration, according to a new poll.

Meanwhile, Apple, Google, and Amazon Web Services have removed social-media network Parler from their platforms after Twitter and Facebook suspended Trump’s accounts. 

Below is a sampling of the latest news and commentary, a breakdown of how the business world has reacted, and an analysis of what Democratic control of both the House and Senate will mean for markets, real-estate, clean energy, and more. 

ARRESTS: Most of the arrests from the Capitol riots have been misdemeanor curfew violations. This searchable table shows everyone charged so far.

WARNING: Twitter warns of more DC violence around January 20th as President-elect Biden expresses confidence his inauguration will be safe

TRUMP JR.: Donald Trump Jr. says “the world is laughing at America” as he rails against his dad’s Twitter ban, saying “free speech is dead”

BLODGET: Wednesday was a disgrace, but we’re a day closer to a new and better chapter of American history

BARRO: I never want to hear again about Trump voters needing to “feel heard”

Here’s a breakdown of how the business world reacted.

CEOS REACT: We analyzed 23 memos from CEOs responding to the US Capitol riot. The most effective messages get personal.

BILLIONAIRE BACKERS RESPOND: Trump’s billionaire backers said they were “horrified” by the insurrection at the Capitol, but only one has broken with him

TECH TARGETS JARED: VCs are calling on others to stop doing deals with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner

PARLER DRAMA: Parler’s CEO John Matze responded angrily after Jack Dorsey endorsed Apple’s removal of the social network favored by conservatives

ADVERTISERS FEAR VIOLENCE: Advertisers weigh canceling Inauguration Day ads, fearing more violence after Capitol siege

And here’s a breakdown of the impact of a Democratic sweep:

GEORGIA: What the Georgia Senate results mean for voting rights, cannabis, and $2,000 stimulus checks

REAL ESTATE: How full Democratic control of Washington DC could transform real estate

MARKETS: What does the Democratic sweep actually mean for investors? We spoke to 5 investing experts to find out how to make the most of Biden’s blue Congress

CLEAN ENERGY: Biden can unleash massive spending on clean energy with …read more

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