Twitch streamer has her sandwich stolen in savage seagull attack

Twitch streamer seagulls

No sandwich is safe in Venice (Twitch)

If you’ve ever considered flaunting a sandwich in public, the seagulls of Venice have reminded the world that nobody is safe.

Twitch might be synonymous with people broadcasting video games surrounded by home comforts, but many streamers are now taking their content creation into the outside world.

There’s been instances of this going sour, most recently via ExtraEmily who was criticised for livestreaming from a restaurant, but now we have another case of what can go wrong when wild animals are added into the equation.

Twitch streamer JustKeth, who previously went viral for not seeing a bat hidden behind her water bottle, has now faced the wrath of the true winged creature from hell: a seagull.

During a livestream last week, JustKeth, who has been broadcasting her travels around Italy on the platform with fellow streamer Karii, conducted a livestream during her trip to Venice.

As she sat down by one of the Venice canals to eat a sandwich, she showed off her lunch to the camera, only for a seagull to swoop in, nick the ham, and knock her setup sideways.

After strike one, a flock of seagulls then descend around the screaming streamer, who drops the rest of the sandwich in a panic – in what starts to look like a scene from Alfred Hitchock’s The Birds.

JustKeth quickly sees the funny side of the ordeal though, as passers-by (and those watching live in the Twitch chat) struggle to keep it together.

‘First a bat, now seagulls, what next,’ one comment read in response to the video, which has since gone viral on Reddit. Another simply put, ‘CINEMA’.

JustKeth, who is of Thai and French descent, often documents her travel journeys on Twitch. At the time of writing, she has over 75,000 followers on the platform.

Insert Finding Nemo reference here (Twitch)

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