Top managers and agents for gaming influencers and streamers

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In this week’s edition:

The top managers and agents for gaming influencers and streamers

YouTube launches a new tipping feature called Super Thanks

Brands are finding workarounds to TikTok’s new influencer-marketing rules

How an Instagram influencer has booked $700,000 in brand deals this year

And more including inside NBC’s Snapchat news show and a gaming studio’s plan to bring more diversity to the company.

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From left: Brandon Freytag, President of Talent at Loaded, Amber Howard, Head of Talent at TalentX Gaming, Madeline Clark, Talent Manager at Click Management, and Daniel Kang, Co-Head of Gaming/Esports a Underscore Talent

The top talent managers and agents for gaming YouTubers, streamers, and esports players

Gaming content creators saw rapid growth in 2020, with a boost to livestreaming content and viewership in general.

Marketers have taken note. For instance, the share of marketers who plan to use Twitch for influencer marketing more than doubled in the past year, according to a March survey by Linqia.

With this growth, the demand for managers and agents to help gaming influencers, streamers, and esports competitors juggle their success has increased.

My colleague Michael Espinosa and I highlighted some of the top managers and agents who have helped shape the world of gaming creators in 2021.

Here are some takeaways from Insider’s second annual list:

Click Management: an Australian company managing clients like Lazarbeam, which was also appointed the exclusive Facebook Gaming creator service provider in Australia and New Zealand.

Night Media: manages a number of top YouTube creators in the vlogger-gaming space like MrBeast, Preston, and Aphmau.

TalentX Gaming: the gaming arm of TalentX Entertainment, which manages clients like the gaming comedian LaurenzSide.

“The gaming industry in general, and specifically mobile, has been exploding over the past year and a half,” said Lance Frisbee, the cofounder and CEO of Aftershock Media Group. “It’s been incredible to see the amount of focus and emphasis that companies are now putting on digital media and influencer marketing. As we look to the remainder of 2021, there are a ton of esports events and conventions that are starting to come back and that is really exciting as well.”

Check out the full story here to see which managers and agents we highlighted.

YouTube is launching a new tipping feature called Super Thanks

YouTube is launching a new monetization tool, called Super Thanks, as it competes to win over creators.

The new feature lets fans “donate” money to creators on all eligible video uploads, and gives creators another way to earn money directly on the platform. YouTube takes 30%.

But …read more

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