Thomas Lennon on bringing back ‘Reno 911!’ for Quibi, his weird new movie ‘VHYes,’ and his brutal gig announcing the Emmys

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Thomas Lennon chatted with Business Insider about starring in the future cult classic, “VHYes.”
He also gave details about the return of “Reno 911!” on Quibi.
Lennon opened up about his unpopular stint as Emmys announcer last year, which he said was worth all the haters because Paul Rudd texted him the following day and said he thought it was hilarious.

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You just never know where funnyman Thomas Lennon will show up these days.

Recently he was on the penultimate episode of “Veep,” he released the first in a series of young adult novels with “Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles,” and he was the announcer at the Emmys (much more on that later).

And he isn’t slowing down.

Lennon will be playing not one but three characters in the upcoming Russo brothers movie, “Cherry,” starring Tom Holland; and he’s bringing back the beloved “Reno 911!,” which he cocreated, for Quibi.

But before all that, you can see him in the bizarre new movie from Jack Henry Robbins (son of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon), “VHYes.”

Shot on VHS cameras, the just-over-one-hour movie (opening in select theaters Friday) follows a 12-year-old as he accidentally copies over his parents’ wedding tape with the strange shows he finds on late-night cable (a few starring Lennon), and recording a spooky trip with his friend to a nearby house thought to be haunted. Think of the late 1970s classic comedy “Kentucky Fried Movie,” blended with “Paranormal Activity,” then spiked with acid, and you have “VHYes.”

Lennon chatted with Business Insider about starring in this strange movie. He also gave details about what’s in store for the “Reno 911!” gang on Quibi and explained why it didn’t sound like he enjoyed being the Emmys announcer at last year’s show.

Jason Guerrasio: So, “VHYes” — this is one of those wacky movies.

Thomas Lennon: When Jack first reached out and said, “I’m going to make a movie on VHS,” I really thought it was a bad gimmick. I just couldn’t see any way that this turns out great. [Laughs.] But I liked him and he seemed like a smart guy, maybe there was something here. So we shot it, on the crappiest equipment that 1983 had to offer, and I have to say the first time I saw the movie I was kind of blown away.

Guerrasio: Snuck in the middle of it is this great horror sequence that connects everything.

Lennon: I think what’s really going to surprise people, it actually does add up to something at the end. Parts of it are incredibly random and weird.

Guerrasio: A lot of that includes you.

Lennon: Yes. But the movie surprised me in that it has genuine emotional moments in it and some legitimate scary stuff.

Guerrasio: Yes. And as a kid of the 1980s, I have to say the movie captures what it was like to stay up past midnight.

Lennon: It got really, really weird.

Guerrasio: It was B-movies, soft core porn, or …read more

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