This universal tote insert can organize any bag — here’s why we think it’s worth $95

Cuyana tote organizer

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Cuyana’s $95 portable tote insert is a fan-favorite.
Like most organizational tools, I underestimated how nice it would feel to know where everything in my cavernous purse was without needing to methodically remove everything first.
The insert has a clip for keys, a laptop sleeve, water bottle holder with an elastic top, and adds structure to softer tote silhouettes. 

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Like many women I know, I am perennially standing to the side of something. At movie theaters, subway terminals, grocery store checkout lines, and outside my apartment door, always standing adjacent to something while trying to locate some essential item, like a wallet or keys, in order to move forward.

It’s my own fault. I love the freedom of a big, cavernous bag, and given how popular the minimalist tote shape is, I’m not the only one. But, like most large, unstructured spaces, they’re only as convenient as they are organized. Throwing a mess of books, keys, wallets, ChapStick, and laptop without rhyme or reason and hoping the necessary item rises to the top is not the key to a 100% success rate.

For those looking to add some (stylish) method to their bag’s madness, cult-favorite leather bag brand Cuyana has a great tote insert that keeps selling out. It’s $95, which is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but the cost is worth the convenience.

The insert is made from pliable yet structured micro-suede, and you can pop it into other unstructured totes as well as Cuyana’s bags (just check the measurements to make sure they’re compatible first). It comes in four colors: black and blush, blush, dark stone and blush, and caramel. They’re all currently in stock, and that’s rare enough to be noteworthy since it’s such a popular item.

The inserts have a space for a water bottle, a key clip, laptop sleeve, side pocket for your phone, and another for essentials like a wallet, movie ticket, lip balms, or subway card. All in all, it’s still minimalist and unobtrusive, but it provides just enough organizational structure to a big tote to make the thing convenient in every setting. 

We put it to the test with two Insider Reviews editors who pack their whole lives in their bags — here’s what they thought of the Cuyana Tote Organization Insert

I have the Cuyana insert in blush, and it’s a surprisingly good use of $95 if you prioritize style as well as functionality. The micro-suede looks high-end and low-profile so it’s not immediately obvious it’s an insert rather than the purse itself, and it’s portable so I can pop it into other totes I own without removing everything first. And since it’s supple …read more

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