This parental control device helps me manage my child’s screen time, monitor internet usage, and track my family’s devices

Circle Home

High-quality parental controls allow you to monitor your child’s internet use wherever they may go, let you limit screen time, and they work exactly as they are supposed to.

I like the Circle Home Plus because it features an intuitive app, can be used as a productivity hack for adults, and is packed full of features that all work as advertised.

It’s quite affordable (currently starting at $129.99 on Amazon) and allows you to track your child’s iOS and Android devices anywhere they go, even telling you where they are.

I have a 5-year-old son who loves to play games on his Amazon Fire tablet. If left to his own devices, he would play from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep. The problem is that his favorite game has little educational value, and well, his mom and I just love expanding his horizons and doing other things with him. This is where good parental control settings come in handy.

The Circle Home Plus (2nd generation) parental controls help you limit how long your child spends in front of a screen and make sure they aren’t visiting sites they shouldn’t be. I liked that it worked exactly as advertised and had an array of extra features, including a device locator. Read on to learn more about my experiences with this impressive tool.


The Circle Home Plus comes with an ethernet cable for connecting directly to your router, a power cord for plugging into your wall outlet or USB port, and the device itself, which is a compact white cube approximately three inches to a side.

The base unit costs $129.99 and is bundled with a one-year subscription to the Circle app. And for $299.99, you get a lifetime subscription. Currently, the monthly subscription rate after the first year is $9.99 to use the premium features.

With premium, you can set internet time limits, pause specific users or the entire internet in your home, set off times, set bedtimes, offer extra time as a reward, and use location tracking.

The Circle Home Plus allows you to control the internet usage of any smart TV, gaming console, tablet, computer, or phone on your Wi-Fi network. Additionally, you can control any iOS or Android device with the Circle app installed if it is paired with your Circle app — a process that the app clearly explains.

Setup process

To set up the Circle Home Plus you must first install the app on your device. The app then gives you step-by-step instructions on how to install the physical unit. At this point, you can start creating profiles for your family members and setting the filter levels (Kid, Teen, Adult, or None), time limits, …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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