This charming French chateau and winery is stunning, upscale, and under $200 per night most of the year

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Domaine de Fontenille in Provence, France is a chateau-turned-luxury hotel with an onsite winery, Michelin-starred restaurant, spa services, and a tranquil pool.
If you’ve ever dreamed of sipping wine in the French countryside at a palatial estate, Domaine de Fontenille offers an experiential, romantic stay that feels straight out of a fairy tale.
Rates typically exceed $300 per night in summer, but fall, winter, and early spring all see standard room rates under $200, especially if you travel midweek. I visited in winter for two nights and paid $170 per night.
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There are a few things I especially love when traveling: the delight of discovering a world wholly unlike my own, a pampering hotel experience, exceptional food, and crisp fresh air (context: I live in New York City).

I found all four at Domaine de Fontenille in the Luberon region of Provence, France. The chateau and winery with a Michelin-starred restaurant is located in the medieval village of Lauris. I had high expectations, envisioning an idyllic start to each day not unlike the opening sequence of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Domaine de Fontenille typically starts in the mid $300s in high summer season, but significantly lower rates can be found most of the rest of the year. Some quick online sleuthing revealed a price of $188 in winter, early spring, and fall. I visited midweek in winter with my husband as part of a larger holiday in Nice. We paid $170 a night, for a Superior Room, which is the entry-level offering. It felt like a bargain for how luxurious the entire hotel seemed, and how well-appointed our room was.

Popular with tourists making their way through Provence as they sip wine and dip fresh bread into olive oil, Domaine de Fontenille is the kind of place you imagine you’d live if you were a baron or baroness retreating to your summer country estate. I know I did.

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Book Domaine de Fontenille starting at $170 per night here
Keep reading to see why I was so impressed by Domaine de Fontenille in Provence, France.

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As we entered Lauris I mentally noted every boulangerie I planned to visit, but just as quickly as we entered, we were out and back in the country again.

The hotel, it turned out, was not in the town center but a 5- to 10-minute drive away. Flanked by a large vineyard, perfectly coiffed gardens, and a serene fountain, the estate was magnificent even before taking in the slate …read more

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