These reusable silicone tops make my toddler’s food pouches squeeze-proof — my daughter no longer leaves a trail of puree in her wake

ChooMee Pouch Toppers review

Food pouches are a convenient on-the-go snack for babies and toddlers. But they’re not without inconveniences — mainly the mess created by kids who love to squeeze out more food than they can eat.
My 18-month-old has been using the ChooMee SoftSip Pouch Tops, and they’ve been a game-changer.
The reusable silicone tops fit on her food pouches and stop her from squeezing the contents of the pouches everywhere.
The tops are dishwasher safe, and after using them for months, there’s no discoloration or lingering odors.

When my daughter needs a snack, food pouches aren’t my top choice. There are times when they come in clutch though. Starving child, but my hands are full? A pouch it is. Starving child as we’re rushing out the door? Definitely a pouch.

But while food pouches are super convenient, they can also be extremely messy with kids who can’t resist squeezing out more than they can eat. In the past, every time I gave my toddler a food pouch, I had to hold it for her. Otherwise, I’d find myself cleaning applesauce off the walls, the floor, the backseat of my car — you name it.

That is until I found the ChooMee SoftSip Pouch Tops.

These food pouch toppers stop my daughter from squeezing food everywhere but make it easy for her to suck the food out

The ChooMee SoftSip Pouch Tops are sold in packs of two for $9. You can also buy sets with a carrying case in a two- or four-pack.

To use these silicone pouch toppers, just push them down on the plastic spout of the pouch, making sure there are no gaps between the pouch spout and the topper. When you do this, the grips on the topper lock it into place. Then, hand the pouch over to your child and be amazed. Try as they might, kids can’t squeeze out the contents.

Although they’re squeeze-proof, the ChooMee Tops are designed so kids can easily suck the food out. The first time I used these toppers and let my daughter hold the pouch herself, she was so excited to gain that little bit of independence. And I was so excited to have my hands free while she ate her snack. Not to mention these toppers have spared my carpets, furniture, and the backseat of my car.

At 18 months old, my daughter has yet to pull these tops off her pouches. It takes some force to get them off. That being said, always supervise your child while using these (and any time they’re eating, for that matter).

Some added bonuses: The hard spouts of food pouches can damage the gums and teeth of kids who can’t resist chewing on them, but the silicone tops are soft and flexible. And if your child doesn’t finish their pouch in one sitting, you can …read more

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