These home appliances use the most energy when left on standby

TV left on standby

The cost of living crisis continues to impact households, even with the news that the energy price cap is going down.

Ofgem’s energy price cap is currently set at £4,279/year, and it is falling to £3,280 from April 1.

But that’s still a budget-stretching figure for most – especially when factoring in all the other bills going up this year.

So, people are looking to different ways to save money where they can, from cheaper lunches to money saving tips from home.

From being smart about using the heating to monitoring your use of kitchen appliances, there are lots of small changes you can make which could save you money on your energy bills.

People are going to be looking at any ways they can to save – and it might start with switching appliances off at the plug (Picture: Getty)

One of the things you might not have thought about is how much energy is drained by appliances that are plugged in – but not being used.

How many of us are guilty of leaving phone chargers, laptop chargers, TVs, and clocks plugged in at the mains – and not properly switched off? Well, that habit could be costing you.

‘If you leave an appliance plugged in and switched on, even if you are not actively using the product, it will drain electricity,’ says Natalia Lachim from Discount Code.

‘This is because electricity will be able to run through the device, thus increasing your energy use and, unfortunately, your energy bills.

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‘To reduce the amount of energy used and the cost of energy prices, simply switching off the mains means the electrical current is unable to flow through.’

So, which appliances are the biggest ‘energy vampires’ that are costing you the most money? Natalia explains below:


You can’t just turn it off (Picture: Getty Images)

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