These 15 remote jobs with 6-figure salaries are all hiring right now

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The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the economy, leaving millions without work. Those people still with a job are mostly working from home. While some people are struggling to adapt to the new routine, others are enjoying the new work-life balance — and companies are starting to hire specifically for remote roles.

The website dedicated to finding remote jobs, FlexJobs, has analyzed data from 5,904 companies and found 15 remote job vacancies with salaries that stretch into six figures. Most allow you to work anywhere in the US, but some require you to be based in a certain state, working from home.

Read the full list below — ranked by salaries, with details on the company and the job description. Software engineer and developer roles have the most vacancies. 

ConvertKit – Director of product – Idaho, US ($150,000 – $170,000)

The email marketing company CovertKit is seeking a director of product. You will need to create a product strategy, work with engineering and design teams, and measure the development of projects. You must have experience in product design and software. You will be required to travel for work twice a year.

ConvertKit requires senior-level manager experience (director, department head, vice president, general manager, or C-suite level).

Follow Up Boss – Senior full stack engineer – Anywhere in the US ($150,000 – $162,000)

This firm makes automated tools for real estate companies. You will be responsible for leading the development team to optimize the company’s products. You will also need to mentor junior developers. 

You must have tech knowledge and an eye for details, plus at least five years of relevant experience. You will be qualified for benefits.

Mediavine – Senior front-end engineer – Anywhere in the US ($105,000 – $120,000)

Mediavine is an advertising firm. You must have at least five years of experience in front-end design for this role. You will develop and assist in the creation of new applications.

You will be working 40 hours per week. – Product designer – Anywhere in the US ($100,000 – $170,000)

The firm connects donors with non-profit organizations, and is looking for a product designer. You will have to design and improve the user experience for various products. 

You must have at least six years of relevant experience. 

Right Side Up – CRM marketing manager – San Francisco, CA ($100,000-$150,000)

Right Side Up is a growth marketing consulting firm. It is looking for a customer relationship management marketing manager. You will be responsible for planning strategies and managing the development of campaigns. 

You need at least four years of related experience. 

Sticker Mule – Go engineer – Global ($100,000-$135,000)

The printing firm Sticker Mule is hiring a Go Engineer. The role has flexible hours.

You will have to maintain and build automation and printing services. You need a bachelor’s degree and prior experience with Docker, Go, Google Cloud, Postgres, and Redis. 

CivicActions – Digital services proposal strategist and writer – Anywhere in the US ($100,000)

CivicActions provides digital …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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