The true story behind Netflix’s murderous new rom-com with 97% Rotten Tomatoes score

(L-R) Adria Arjona as Madison and Glen Powell as Gary Johnson in Hit Man

Netflix’s newest film is Hit Man, starring Glen Powell (Picture: Netflix)

Netflix is always looking to surprise us with its film offerings, be that courtesy of upsetting horror, starry cameos or just how much people will watch movies that really aren’t very good.

But this collaboration between director Richard Linklater and Hollywood’s favourite almost-minted leading man Glen Powell is something else entirely.

For in Hit Man, they’ve not only introduced a murderous new rom-com to streaming, which has tickled many critics.

It’s been dubbed everything from ‘a complete original’ to a movie ‘that keeps you on your toes’ and currently sits on an impressive rating of 97% on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

But it’s also, as the film’s synopsis stresses, ‘inspired by an unbelievable true story’.

And everyone knows how much we love a ‘real-life’ tale.

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Hit Man – a true story?

‘Vietnam vet, college teacher, undercover agent (over 70 arrests), animal-loving Buddhist, chillest dude imaginable.’

That’s how Linklater and Powell credit his character of Gary Johnson – or at least, who the real Johnson actually was.

In Hit Man, Powell plays nerdy professor Johnson, who also moonlights as a hit man of sorts for his city police department.

He’s seen getting sucked further and further into his role – playing up to 40 different ‘assassin’ characters, one of whom has the distinct aura of actor Tilda Swinton while another looks distinctly like Harry Potter character Severus Snape.

But he descends into dangerous territory when he finds himself attracted to a woman (Adria Arjona) who enlists his services.

Powell is playing Gary Johnson, a real-life fake assassin in the movie (Picture: Netflix)

He is seen in about 40 different hit man guises as he helps the police (Picture: Netflix)

The tone of Hit Man swings between noir, gore and goofy, with a pretty high body count of wince-inducing slayings and some pretty steamy scenes between Powell and Arjona, their sizzling chemistry on full display.

How much of it though, is actually true – and where is the real Gary Johnson now?

Well, the film cops to taking a fair amount of creative licence with its killings, admitting: ‘Zero murders (we made that part up).’

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It doesn’t make the real Gary Johnson’s story any less engrossing though.

Hit Man was actually based on a 2001 Texas Monthly article that Linklater read, introducing Johnson’s unique work and background, and explaining how he ended up working as a fake hit man for the police in his area.

He had been so successful in his role, the article reveals, that he had been hired by more than 60 Houston-area residents ‘to shoot, stab, chop, poison, or suffocate their enemies, their romantic rivals, or their former loved ones’.

Johnson’s remarkable true story was explored …read more

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