The Traitors Australia star explains brutal gameplay that led to shocking ending

Camille on The Traitors Australia

The Traitors Australia star Camille has explained her shock finale decision (Picture: BBC)

The Traitors Australia star Camille Chicheportiche has explained why she decided to blindside her fellow contestants and make sure none of them won the prize money.

On the most recent season of the reality series, former federal agent Camille was recruited by original Traitors Sam and Blake just two episodes before the finale.

After coming under pressure and believing they were about to be exposed, the boys bought Camille on board with the eventual plan to sacrifice her to allow them to walk away with the prize money.

However, in jaw-dropping scenes, the final few minutes of the season saw Camille choose to ‘Steal’ in the Traitors Dilemma, leaving the $208,000 (£107,000) unable to be claimed by anyone.

Her decision shocked the other two Traitors, with Blake breaking down in tears and Sam lashing out, declaring she ‘should have let us have it’.  

Months after filming wrapped, Camille has revealed why she was unwilling to budge on her final decision after it was clear she was going to be stabbed in the back.

Explaining how she was always ‘suss’ about what the boys would do in that final decision, Camille said that she ‘never considered’ letting them take all the money.

‘I love sneakiness and deception in the game, but you can do it in a certain way, but Sam grated on viewers and grated on me during the show,’ she told

Knowing she could never trust Sam, Camille said she was ‘ready to let him know who the boss was’ when it came to that final moment.

Reflecting on the reactions she was faced with at the end of the game, Camille said viewers ‘only saw a snapshot of the personal attack’.

‘The rich person comment was just laughable. I am not rich, but it doesn’t matter if I was,’ she said.

‘The personal attack gave a real insight into the type of person he was.

The former federal agent decided that none of the Traitors should win the prize money (Picture: BBC)

‘I stayed calm and when it got too much I did walk off.’

She added: ‘I actually went back inside and drank champagne. Those boys went to their rooms and sooked like little children and I got to drink champagne to the control room. I drank it like I was a winner, because I was.’

Despite reaching out to both after the cameras stopped rolling, Camille never heard back from either.

‘They refused to talk to me,’ she said.

Sam lashed out when her decision was revealed (Picture: BBC)

She added: ‘I think if I was one of the reality TV stars or a male they would have said “good game”, but I was an older female and a sort of nobody to them.’

After airing in Australia in September, the second season of the show was released by BBC in the UK last month.

Speaking about the response from fans, Camille said she was ‘feeling the love from all over the world’ for how she …read more

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