The Simpsons fans make huge demand for new Disney Plus feature

Lisa, Marge and Bart on The Simpsons

The Simpsons fans are pleading for a new feature (Picture: 20thCentFox/Everett/REX/Shutterstock)

The Simpsons fans have taken to social media to beg Disney Plus for a new feature.

The beloved cartoon has been a staple for most households over the last three decades, and while most of us grew up waiting patiently to watch it on television, The Simpsons is now easier than ever to stream.

Episodes all the way from the first season in 1989 to the 34th are able to watch on Disney Plus, while the latest instalments can be streamed on the likes of Sky.

But fans who aren’t looking to binge episodes in order are asking for a big change.

Instead of the next episode in their watchlist being a continuation of the last, some people want a random one to play instead.

X user @fourfingerpod shared: ‘I wish @DisneyPlus would add a “randomise” button here for The Simpsons. I miss the element of surprise not knowing what episode was about to air on TV.’

And they weren’t the only one to think so, after sharing where exactly on their screen they’d ask for the ‘randomise’ button to be added.

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That’s a great idea

— Al Jean (@AlJean) July 10, 2024

The Simpsons screenwriter Al Jean was among those agreeing, as he commented: ‘That’s a great idea.’

@Jakeyin612 added: ‘In the “old” days of syndication they’d air two episodes back to back and one would be older and one considerably newer, which I enjoyed other than a sometimes obvious dip in quality. This doesn’t work for serialized shows obviously.’

‘IKR it’s like how has no streaming service except for a couple of shows on Netflix (or Hulu I can’t remember) implemented a shuffle button. I just wanna watch a random episode sometimes not just from episode 1 of whatever season or having to pick one and start from there,’ @Poufee1233 said.

‘I want a shuffle button and a playlist shuffle so bad. Let me chose a bunch of shows and just shuffle it,’ @SpecterEscape also begged.

And it appears their prayers are being heard, with the Disney+ Help account replying to some comments.

Viewers don’t want to watch The Simpsons in order (Picture: 20thCentFox/Everett/Shutterstock)

One response read: ‘Hello! We appreciate your feedback and understand how a “randomize” button can enhance your viewing experience. While this feature is not available yet, we strive for ways to improve our services. Your feedback is valuable to us and will be shared with our team.’

Other fans added to the list of demands, with @paulbodman asking: ‘Please also allow searching by episode titles. As big a fan of the Simpsons I am, I can’t always remember which season certain episodes are from!’

@Pat_Scamander added: ‘Also @DisneyPlusHelp while you’re at it, bringing back the group watch feature would be amazing. The one useful feature that set you aside from other platforms (allowing us to sync with other account owners when watching a …read more

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