The shortlist for Britain’s ugliest dog has been revealed

The shortlist for Britain's ugliest dog has been revealed

The aim of the contest is to celebrate the dogs’ unique appearances (Picture: Parrot Print)

Even the most ardent animal lovers will have come across pets with faces only an owner could love.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but these dogs aren’t shying away from their unconventional looks, vying for the title of the UK’s ‘most hideous’ pup.

The competition, set up by a photography company, aims to ‘celebrate the best’ ugly mutts in the country, with the winner getting a professional makeover and a photoshoot to show off their new look.

Despite the negative connotations of the accolade, hundreds of entries poured in, and the finalists have now been revealed.

‘These seven were the ones who made our eyes hurt when we looked at them,’ commented Matt Dahan, founder of organiser

‘We look forward to selecting the winner and sharing their photoshoot experience with the world, when we hope to show that every dog is beautiful no matter how ugly they might first appear.’

Judges whittled the shortlist down to the ‘most offensive to look at,’ and will assess the remaining entries before announcing the winner in February.

Of the dogs that made the cut, brachycephalic breeds (like pugs and French bulldogs) featured heavily.

A hairless Chinese crested that can’t put its tongue away also nabbed a spot in the final round, along with a one-eyed pooch with an unfortunate underbite.

While they’re not blessed with classic good looks, these underdogs have big personalities and are adored by their owners.

Which do you think deserves the crown?


Two-year-old Marnie’s menacing stare won her a place in the final (Picture: Parrot Print)

French bulldog Marnie is two, from Wiltshire, and a master of the ‘stink eye’.

From her resting bitch face to her gargoyle-like power stance, she’s a small dog you wouldn’t want to cross.

Winston George

Winston George seems to have a lot on his mind (Picture: Parrot Print)

Presumably named after former Prime Minister Churchill, Winston shares his namesake’s jowly face and somewhat portly stature.

Hailing from Kingswinsford in the West Midlands, the five-year-old British bulldog is described by his owner as ‘a cross between a grumpy old man and a naughty school kid.’


You may have spotted Peggy with Holly and Phil on the This Morning sofa recently (Picture: Parrot Print)

Peggy, a pug Chinese crested mix from East Yorkshire, appeared on the This Morning sofa as part of ParrotPrint’s search, so you may have spotted her before.

The hairless dog, four, draws stares when out and about for her dangling tongue.

Owner Holly Middleton, 36, explained: ‘It has always been like that but it doesn’t stop her from doing anything, she can eat and drink, it does go in her mouth, it just doesn’t stay there.’

Holly said her eldest son was embarrassed to even be seen in public with Peggy when the family first rescued her as a puppy.

‘I just love anything that is a bit unloved and unusual, so …read more

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