The secrets about your star sign no astrologer will tell you

No astrologer will tell you this, but these are the secret truths about your star sign

Get ready for some uncomfortable truths (Picture: Getty Images)

When I was 10 years old, I nicked my sister’s Linda Goodman’s ‘Sun Signs’ book (the bible for many astrologers) and read it cover to cover.

I felt like I had entered a secret society offering sacred insider info about people’s personalities and traits.

Ever since then, I have watched people and contrasted their behaviour vs their star sign. My toxic trait is that I will find out your sign within two minutes of meeting you, and then compare you to it ever after!

What I have noticed is that there are common traits to each sign that no astrologer ever mentions – in fact, they often say the opposite. Maybe it’s me, or maybe you agree with the uncomfortable truths I’ve observed…


March 21 to April 20

Don’t underestimate an Aries’ need to be liked (Picture: Getty/

The secret about Aries signs: They obsess over what you really think of them

Aries folk are, deep deep down, very insecure. They might come across as ‘Rip Van Cocky’ but, underneath, they are worried you don’t like them, aren’t attracted to them, don’t rate their skills, disrespect their status, and generally don’t ‘get’ how great they are.

The ‘noise’ is an act.

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April 21 to May 21

It’s not being stubborn if you’re still considering the options (Picture: Getty/

The secret about Taurus signs: Their stubbornness is actually smarts

Everyone knows the zodiac’s bulls are stubborn, but I don’t think it is stubbornness. I think they are super clever (I always go to a Taurean when I want a solid take on something) but it just takes so long for them to make up their mind as they consider everything.

They deliberate at Olympic levels. But the end result is golden, and that is why they don’t change their mind easily.

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May 22 to June 21

Forget those Gemini preconceptions (Picture: Getty/

The secret about Gemini signs: They’re as loyal as they come

Not fickle, not two-faced, not flirty cheater types. Actually, very very loyal. A Gemini friend or partner or family member or colleague automatically has your back, all day long.

They will fight fiercely for those they love. And you can enjoy that loyalty forever, so long as you don’t piss them off. If you do backstab a Gemini, then you will be dealt with by the ‘other twin’… who ain’t so kind and sweet.

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June 22 to July 23

Cancerians aren’t all feelings and nurturing (Picture: Getty/

The secret about Cancer signs: They’re goofy clowns at heart

People paint Cancerians as emotional, moody, passionate, intense, jealous etc… a bit scary if I am honest. Yet, the ones I tend to meet are actually very funny people and love nothing more than laughing and making others laugh. Their humour is top notch.

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