The Saturday science quiz – test your knowledge of the week’s news

saturday science quiz

Test your memory below (Picture: Shutterstock/Unsplash)

Welcome back to the Saturday science quiz, our wrap of some of the week’s biggest and weirdest news.

As ever AI is causing mayhem as a fake AI-generated image of explosion at Pentagon briefly disturbed US markets. Even the creators of ChatGPT think AI should be regulated to protect humanity. No surprise that Rishi Sunak has been in talks with industry leaders this week.

Otherwise we also had the bizzare news of the millionaire CEO infusing himself with blood from 17-year-old son to stay young forever.

There’s plenty more where that came from, so test your memory below – and let us know how you get on in the comments.

1. A China-backed hacker group was caught spying on US critical systems. What was the name of the group?

a) Monkey Typhoon
b) Artemis Collective
c) Volt Typhoon
d) Equinox

Name the hacker group spotted by Microsoft (Picture: Getty Images)

2. SETI sent simulated ‘alien’ signals from space. Which planet was it from?

a) Mars
b) Jupiter
c) Saturn
d) Uranus

SETI sent simulated ‘alien’ signals from space to perpare us for possible contact with ET (Picture: Shutterstock / vchal)

3. Which diet has been linked to lower cholesterol levels?

a) Ketogenic diet
b) Vegan diet
c) Pescatarian diet
d) Carnivore diet

What’s the healthy diet? (Picture: Unsplash)

4. A paralysed man was able to walk again thanks to a new brain technology. How did he lose his mobility?

a) Car accident
b) Cycling accident
c) Bad fall
d) Sports injury

A paralysed man was able to walk again after 10 years thanks to a new brain technology (Picture: PA)

5. A rare genetic condition gives one woman in Scotland a superpower. What is it?

a) She can feel no pain
b) She does not bleed
c) She has super strength
d) She never falls ill

What’s Jo Cameron’s condition let her do? (Picture: Peter Jolly/Shutterstock)

6. Which company said that it would stop letting people share their passwords?

a) Amazon Prime Video
b) Netflix
c) Disney+

No more sharing passwords on this service (Picture: Unsplash)

1. c Microsoft spotted a Chinese state-sponsored hacker group called ‘Volt Typhoon’ targeting critical infrastructure organizations in the United States.

2. a On Wednesday, Europe’s Mars orbiter sent an encoded message to Earth to simulate a signal from aliens.

3. b Vegan diets may be linked to lower levels of cholesterol and fats in your blood, a new study suggests.

4. b 40-year-old Gert-Jan Oskam from the Netherlands, was living and working in China when he had a cycling accident in 2011.

5. a Jo Camero has a rare genetic mutation that her to live her life almost pain-free and never feel anxious or afraid.

6. b On Tuesday, Netflix said it was sending out emails …read more

Source:: Metro


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