The pancake sex position is the real dessert you need this Shrove Tuesday

Crepe flipping midair over pan

It involves getting as flat as a pancake (Picture: Getty)

It won’t just be getting hot in the kitchen this Shrove Tuesday. 

There’s another way to celebrate and that’s with the steamy pancake sex position.

That’s right, pancakes aren’t the only dessert you need on February 13, as once you’re finished in the kitchen you can head to the bedroom for the real treat to begin.

The position involves one person lying on their back with their legs on their partner’s shoulders, with their knees bent towards their own shoulders. And the other person (the one penetrating) on top pushing down.

Essentially the person on top is looking to fold the other in half (like a pancake).

Ask Men adds ‘for more leverage’ the person on top ‘can reach around them back with your arms and pull your partner tightly against you.’

Also, for maximum penetration, you could add a pillow under the lower partner’s head or lower back, which can help to make this position more comfortable.

Action can continue in the bedroom this Pancake Day (Picture: Getty Images/Westend61)

It’s worth pointing out that the person on the bottom may need to be pretty flexible to achieve this pleasurable position – and it may not be one to continue for the entirety of your sex session.

If you’re looking for more foodie-themed sex positions to try this Pancake Day, why not give the lasagne a go – which is great for couples who want to enjoy sex from behind with extra intimacy.

Elsewhere in the world of sex, this hardcore trend is rising in 2024 – and will bring double the fun to the bedroom.

Seven sex positions that can help you last longer in bed:

The Yab-Yum

‘This sex position is a great way to get up close and intimate with your partner,’ says sex and relationship expert, Charlotte Johnson, at Mega Pleasure.

One partner starts by straddling the other facing them, sitting on the bed or floor cross legged.

This allows the bottom partner to thrust harshly, while the closeness and eye contact heighten the sensations.

The Cross

To get into the cross position, the receiving partner lays on their side slightly, with the penetrating partner facing upwards behind them, the two bodies creating a cross.

‘As this position reduces a lot of thrust movement, it can build intense and exceptional pleasure,’ says Charlotte.

It also leaves the receiving partner’s hands free to stimulate themselves or caress their lover’s body.

The Standing Ovation

The standing ovation sex move features one partner laying flat on a surface with their legs vertically in the air. Following this, the other partner then stands up, placing themselves in between their partners legs.

Charlotte says: ‘This position is the perfect one to push towards the longest time of arousal as it is very comfortable for both involved, and therefore can be practiced for a longer period of time.’

Take a Kneel

Very similar to the standing ovation, this position also has the receiving partner laid on their back, but with their feet flat on …read more

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