The Glorious Model O Wireless is the best ultralight wireless mouse you can buy for under $100

Model O Wireless mouse


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The Glorious Model O Wireless includes everything we loved about the wired version, but ditches the cable.

The ultralight gaming mouse weighs just 69 grams, features a BAMF sensor, and includes six buttons.
For $80, the Model O Wireless delivers an impressive set of features in an affordable package.

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With hit computer peripherals, like the Model O and Model D ultralight mice, Glorious has become an established force in PC gaming. And now, the brand’s long-rumored Model O Wireless mouse has arrived. 

The Model O Wireless promises to carry over everything we loved about the wired Model O, including its ultralight weight, precise performance, simplicity of use, and fair price, into a more convenient wireless package. 

Adding wireless support, however, requires more than just checking a box. There are connectivity options to consider, as well as battery life and the requisite software suite. After testing the Glorious Model O Wireless for nearly a month, here’s why we think this is the best ultralight gaming mouse you can buy for the money. 

Glorious Model O Wireless specs

Glorious Model O Wireless mouse

69 grams

Glorious BAMF

19,000 DPI

Polling rate:

Maximum acceleration:


Battery life:
71 hours

G-Skates Premium

Wireless tech:
2.4 Ghz

6 programmable


Ascended USB-A to USB-C Cable

USB-A receiver (includes adapter for use with the Ascended USB-C cable)


Though very similar, the Model O Wireless isn’t just a derivative of the Model O. Instead, it’s an evolution. Gone is the original model’s glossy surface option in favor of sticking with two matte color options: black or white. 

The nearly ambidextrous shape of the wired Model O has been retained here, complete with that version’s honeycomb design on the top and bottom of the shell. To add some flair, there’s a line of RGB lighting that runs on the left and right of the body, as well as both sides of the scroll wheel. Some of that lighting is visible through the holes in the shell, but not too much. While not subtle, it’s a nice balance of style without getting too flashy.

A graphic depicting the Glorious mascot is tucked away on the left side of the mouse, and the Glorious text logo is featured on the right side. On the bottom, there are four Glorious G-Skate feet at each corner.

Overall, the Model O Wireless features a simple design. Apart from the detachable cable, the mouse has no doors or compartments. Anyone used to housing the wireless dongle inside their mouse will need to figure out a different approach here.

The device has six buttons in total. The one at the top center is the default for cycling DPI, and two extra buttons are placed on the left side, which is where your thumb will rest if you use a right-handed grip. The unit I …read more

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