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It’s important to be comfortable while working out and that starts with making sure you’re wearing the correct apparel. 
Whether it’s a pair of shorts designed for runners or a specific fabric that reduces odor, there’s a variety of workout clothing fit for anyone’s lifestyle or fitness preference. 
We’ve rounded up a collection of the best workout clothes for men, with gear from brands like Vuori, Rhone, and Janji. 

Working out in the right attire makes a world of difference. Though a simple pair of shorts and a sweat-wicking shirt may not seem like a world-beating combination, they are far better than some ratty pair of gym shorts and a cotton tee from your dresser. Put plainly, your workouts benefit from you feeling comfortable. 

And just because a workout kit performs well, doesn’t mean it can’t also look the part. As brands continue to innovate fit and function, they’ve kept an eye on design, too. Many of today’s best workout apparel brands offer clothing that’s not just meant to sweat in but something you’d put on for hanging around the house or running errands. 

Your exercise regimen isn’t one-dimensional, so why should your clothes be any different?

How to shop for workout clothes

The new wave of men’s workout gear wants to help you perform your best by keeping you cool and comfortable. And while your gym clothes certainly ought to be ready for even the most strenuous of activities, they also need to be presentable enough for you to wear outside of your workout environment.

When determining the kind of workout gear you need to accommodate your lifestyle, consider the type of exercise you do most often. Clothing is just another tool to help or hinder you, so be sure you’re buying the right gear for the right activity.

A piece of clothing’s ability to withstand cycles in the washing machine is also a key quality. You’ll likely be sweating through these clothes a lot and (hopefully) putting them in the laundry quite often. If you’re buying flimsily made clothing, you’ll have to replace them much more often.

You’ll also want to consider how multi-purpose you need your gear to be. Are you only going to wear those joggers to the gym, or are they also for lounging around? Is that long sleeve tee just as good for your run as it is for running errands on the weekend?

Today’s active gear ought to double as gear for an active lifestyle, so be sure that whatever you’re buying is capable of as many reps as you are. That said, regardless of what workout gear you choose from the following options, you’ll be in good hands.

Here are the best men’s workout clothes:

Best workout gear overall: Vuori
Best workout gear for runners: Janji
Best budget workout gear: MPG
Best workout gear for dispelling odors: Rhone
Best …read more

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