The best drugstore eyeliners of 2021

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A drugstore eyeliner allows you to experiment with a range of formulas, shades, and brands for an inexpensive price, offering the biggest bang for your buck if applied consistently.
Gel, liquid, and pencil eyeliners each serve a unique purpose, ranging from casual daytime looks to long-lasting evening glam.

NYX Professional Epic Ink Liner is our sought-after favorite because of its hint of shine with each line for a highly-pigmented finish.
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Though top-end eyeliners could cost upwards of $30, you don’t have to spend big to create a perfect cat-eye. You’d be surprised with the broad range of both quality and quantity offered along drugstore walls. The phrase “drugstore makeup” may be reminiscent of those middle school days when I hoarded a hefty amount of cheap eyeshadow trios and formulas that made my skin break out, but drugstores have come a long way in offering accessible, quality makeup that won’t break the bank.

You can snag some drugstore liners for as little as $2.99 and, not only is that a steal, but you can probably purchase 14 great-quality products for the price of one luxury eyeliner at Bloomingdales. And with a little skill, you’ll be able to create the exact same look with a budget buy.

We spoke with Lindsey Trop, bridal makeup artist, graduate of the Make Up For Ever Academy in NYC, and 12-year industry expert who agrees. “I don’t discriminate between drugstore and luxury,” says Trop. “Sure, it may feel nice to purchase a luxury liner and it feels good to put it on, but drugstore eyeliners provide the same quality and same result at times.”

We get that eyeliner can be tricky — it’s prone to smudging, running, and uneven application — but all of these issues can be improved by purchasing the right eyeliner for the look you’re going for. Whether you want a gel liner for a creamy date night look or a pencil for a natural finish to get you through your Zoom call marathon, the eyeliners we’ve chosen will hold strong. 

“[When recommending eyeliner], I generally look at type […] as well as skill level,” says Trina Albus, Magenta Agency founder and beauty influencer for women 40 and older. “I think a pencil is the beginner, the gel is intermediate (where I can start tight-lining and water-lining), and liquid is, ‘you’re advanced and know what you’re doing’ — it’s a more dramatic look with a lot of staying power.”

So, we’ve rounded up the best in the drugstore so you can spend more time applying — and less time trying to figure out your next eyeliner purchase.

Here are the best drugstore eyeliners

Best drugstore eyeliner overall: NYX Professional Epic Ink Liner
Best drugstore pencil eyeliner: Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer Waterproof Pencil
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