The best baby bottles

A bottle delivers the nutrition a baby needs to thrive while offering their caregiver a chance to connect with them. But not all babies will like all bottles, so get ready to shop around.
The Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle is our top pick because its design makes use and cleaning easy and because most babies accept the bottle — even those with a tendency to fuss about such things.

The first time I fed my infant son from a bottle, the moment left an indelible mark in my memory. I truly remember the feeding as well as if it had happened yesterday, not more than four years ago. His little eyes blinked rapidly with confusion at the new sensation of the artificial nipple, then relaxed and half-closed as the warmed breast milk therein started to flow. He finished most of the bottle, drinking slowly but steadily, then lay back across my arms contentedly while I teared up and sniffled.

Most of the subsequent hundreds of bottle feedings, however? Most of those blur together. If you have a bottle-fed baby — or a baby who alternates between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding as our son did — you are going to be using baby bottles many times a day for many months on end. And this using involves not only the actual feeding, but the preparation of the bottle beforehand (filling, assembling, warming, and so on) and cleaning after meals (disassembly, rinsing, boiling, and so forth).

The long story short here is that you need to find a bottle that works for your kid as well as for the adults who manage the feedings because baby and grownup alike are going to spend a lot of time using them. This search for the best baby bottle for your little one will probably be a multi-step process. We went through three bottle brands before finding one our baby son accepted readily.

With our infant daughter, we’ve already tried four different bottles and she has let us know in no uncertain terms that none has been to her liking. Mostly she does this by spitting the bottles out and then screaming at us, a communication method that’s hardly diplomatic but highly effective.

Know going into the bottle-feeding period of your life that there might be a rocky start. Try one bottle for a few feedings and, if the baby is rejecting it, try another. Then another. It might take some time and some money, but you will eventually find one they will accept. And quite likely, it will be one of the excellent baby bottles on this list.

Here are the best baby bottles:
Best baby bottle overall: Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle
Best glass baby bottle: Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle
Best baby bottle for breast milk: Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle
Best baby bottle for formula: Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle
Best affordable baby bottle: Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle

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