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Private vacation rentals on Airbnb allow travelers to practice social distancing more easily than in hotels, with new cleaning policies in place.
Many such vacation rentals are found in Vermont, which is one of the best places to hike, ski, and generally enjoy the outdoors.
These are some of the best Airbnbs in Vermont, selected for cozy amenities, locations ensconced in nature, and COVID-19 cleaning policies.

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With the pandemic continuing, road trips that make it easy to practice social distancing continue to emerge as a preferred practice when it comes to safe vacations this year. 

Vermont, with its beautiful hiking trails, ski slopes, and farmers’ markets is well-positioned as a destination that can be enjoyed while abiding by social distancing guidelines. 

And if you’re wondering if travel is safe, experts consider private vacation homes, such as those on Airbnb, as one of the safer places to stay, especially when compared to hotels. This is because you are often booking an entire home protected from interaction with others.

Airbnb also announced rigorous new procedures including the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, which includes guidelines on personal protective equipment, disinfectants, and mandatory waiting periods between previous guests and cleanings.

Of course, without a vaccine, there is no firm guarantee with regard to safety. It’s crucial to follow guidelines from organizations such as the CDC and WHO, and practice safety measures including wearing a mask, washing your hands, and social distancing. Additionally, consider your own level of risk, and whether you’re traveling from or to a hotspot, so as not to increase the rate of infection. Finally, be sure to check state restrictions at the time of booking, as some New England states are prohibiting visitors from hotspot areas.

If you’re unsure about travel plans, you may want to look for a listing with a flexible policy or check across multiple booking platforms to ensure you’re getting the best deal. 

With all that said, Vermont still makes it easy to claim ample personal space and winter is a popular time to visit when the slopes beckon skiers and you can pull up a cozy spot around a fire pit. 

We combed through Vermont’s vast rental selection to select Airbnbs that are thoughtfully constructed, consistently clean, centrally located, well-reviewed, and meet the following criteria: 

Airbnb listings are for the entire home (you’ll only see others on the trail or slopes, ideally from afar).
The home is priced between $75 and $240 per night to start, and available to book as of publishing time. 
All are highly-rated Airbnb listings in Vermont with a review score of 4.7 or higher.
Properties are accessible to area attractions such as hiking, skiing, …read more

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