The 7 best places to buy women’s workout clothes

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The right workout clothes keep inconveniences like overheating, wet patches, and chafing at bay. 
The best workout apparel brands are a combination of high-performance technical materials, smart engineering, and versatile style. 
We recommend Nike’s workout gear for women overall, as it’s the best blend of price, performance, and variety. But, we also highly recommend the other brands on this list, some of which cater to individual needs better.

Working out often forces us to feel discomfort. We’re hot, sweaty, tired, and, though we’re not exactly sure, we think we’re beginning to feel the onset of shin splints.

But the right activewear gear makes all the difference. It inhibits nuisances like chafing, wet spots, heat-trapping, blisters, and sometimes injuries. At a baseline, it reduces the number of unnecessary challenges so we can focus on the task at hand. Ideally, it helps us push ourselves a little further, and perform a little better. But, in general, it should simply make the act of moving a more enjoyable experience.

Below, we’ve ranked the best workout brands to shop based on Insider Reviews’ own testing. Each one excels in gear that’s functional, stylish, and performs well. The individual brands offer a variety of strengths: eco-friendly practices, comfortable athleisure, styles that can transition from yoga to the office, greater size ranges, and more inclusive options to name a few. 

Updated 10/5/2020 by Maria Del Russo: Updated links, checked prices, and added Everlane and ADAY to our “brands we also considered” slide. Removed our “best workout clothes you can wear all day” slide.

Here are the best workout clothes for women in 2020:

Best workout clothes overall: Nike

Best budget-friendly workout clothes: Athleta
Best athleisure workout clothes: Patagonia
Best athleisure runner-up: Outdoor Voices
Best size-inclusive workout clothes: Universal Standard
Best splurge-worthy workout clothes: Lululemon

Best eco-friendly workout clothes: Girlfriend Collective

The best workout clothes overall

Nike caters to pretty much every sport with a variety of inclusive styles, making it our top pick for high-performance workout gear. 

Nike has the best balance of price, performance, and variety in its workout gear. A pair of leggings can go for upwards of $70, but you can find plenty of $40-$60 options, and the site semi-frequently offers discounts. Nike items also have a good price-per-wear breakdown thanks to an expert handle on performance engineering and technical materials across categories.

There’s something for athletes of pretty much every sport: running, golf, soccer, training, tennis, basketball, softball, skateboarding, swim, and lacrosse — and all different types of gear, from women’s running shoes to swimwear and compression layers. …read more

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