Telemachus Orfanos: A Tribute to the Thousand Oaks Victim

telemachus orfanos

Telemachus Orfanos, an Eagle Scout, survived the Las Vegas massacre outside Mandalay Bay only to perish in another American mass shooting in a country with too many of them – this one at a Thousand Oaks country bar.

A friend of Orfanos wrote on Twitter, “RIP Telemachus- my boyfriend went to highschool with him, as they both grew up in #ThousandOaks. He was also at the tragic #LasVegasShooting 😔 #BorderLine.”

In the late evening hours of November 7, 2018, a black-clad gunman who was an ex-Marine opened fire inside the crowded Thousand Oaks college bar, killing 12 people and wounding more. Telemachus Orfanos, called Tel by those who knew him, was among the victims when the dust settled.

The shooting happened at Borderline Bar & Grill, a country music-themed restaurant in Ventura County. It was “College Country Night” at the bar, a weekly event. Witnesses described a horrific scene in which people hid in bathrooms and under a pool table and smashed windows in desperate efforts to escape. The gunman, who served in Afghanistan in the Marines, died at the scene, and a motive has not been released.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Orfanos Survived the Vegas Massacre & Remembered 9/11 on His Facebook Page

Orfanos had the misfortune of finding himself in the midst of two mass shootings. Tragically, the second one ended his life.

On April 4, Telemachus Orfanos was tagged on Facebook and pictured in a “Six-Month Route 91 Night at Borderline” event. The man who posted that photo wrote in another post on Facebook, “6 months ago many of us learned what it really means to live. We all lost some part of us in Las Vegas that night, but we have gained so much and learned how to truly fly. We are a family, forever bonded in a way that nobody can ever take away from us.”

Imagine miraculously surviving one horrific mass shooting, to die in another. Im sorry our country failed you Telemachus Orfanos #GunControlNow

— Maddie (@Maddie_578) November 9, 2018

On Facebook, Orfanos remembered September 11, 2001 with a filter on his photo and the words, “17 Years Later, WE REMEMBER.” He put another filter on his photo that read, “FREEDOM” as the American flag.

The Facebook page When Prayers Aren’t Enough also wrote that Orfanos survived the Las Vegas mass shooting. “It has been confirmed we lost a member of the Route 91 Family in last night’s shooting. Navy Veteran, Telemachus Orfanos. Thank you for your service and sacrifice,” the page wrote.

2. Telemachus Orfanos Was in the U.S. Navy & His Mother Wants Gun Control

On his Facebook page, Orfanos wrote that he worked at “Infiniti of Thousand Oaks” and had been in the U.S. Navy. He also indicated that he had studied at Moorpark College and wrote that he went to Thousand Oaks High School. He wrote about the military on Facebook. In 2010, he wrote, “finished all my preenlistement sh*t and signed my contract.”

In 2011, he wrote, “forever young and free.” He filled his page …read more

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