Susanna Reid leaves GMB studio to comfort mum of missing X Factor star Levi Davis after tearful interview

Susanna Reid comforts Levi Davis's mum

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Susanna Reid leant across the desk to hold the hand of missing X Factor star Levi Davis’s mum Julie during an emotional Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, before leaving the studio to comfort her.

Levi, a 24-year-old reality star and rugby player, has not been seen since October 29, when he disappeared after leaving the Old Irish Pub in Barcelona. His bank and social media accounts have not been accessed since.

His mother, Julia, joined the ITV daytime programme to appeal for help in searching for her son and during the interview became overcome with emotion.

As she began to cry, Reid reached over to comfort her guest and offered some heartfelt words.

‘There’s always that mother’s instinct, maybe the powers from up above, that said to me “give him a hug because you just don’t know if this is going to be your last”,’ Julia said before welling up.

Susanna Reid comforted missing X Factor star Levi Davis’s mum on today’s Good Morning Britain (Picture: ITV)

Referring to her colleague who was reporting updates live from Spain, Reid held Julia’s hand and said: ‘What’s encouraging about Nick [Dixon] being out there is that there’s so much effort being put into finding Levi.

‘The police are on it, we’ve seen the signs around on lampposts, podcasts… are you encouraged by how much people are doing to try and find Levi and to try and find out what happened to him?’

Julie replied: ‘I’ve had a lot of support from family and friends and of course, the investigators have been working very hard. The Spanish police are doing their bit as well.

‘I think where it’s been quite difficult is not having the information coming through. Of course, there’s the language barrier and having to go via the British consulate and the feedback of updates is very slow.’

Levi went missing in October and was last seen leaving an Irish bar in Barcelona

The programme then went to a commercial break and when it returned, Reid had left co-star Ed Balls to momentarily present on his own so that she could see to Julie.

‘Susanna has just stepped out with our previous guest, Julie,’ Balls announced.

Viewers expressed their devastation over Levi’s disappearance and the lack of developments.

Levi’s bank and social media accounts have not been accessed since he disappeared in October (Picture: Rex)

‘I feel so sorry for this poor woman 💔’ one wrote.

‘Can’t imagine what this poor lady is going through, really hope she gets some answers to her son’s disappearance,’ another said.

Julia previously said she was worried her son’s mental health had ‘deteriorated’ around the time he went missing, as he had suffered a recent ACL injury which he feared would affect his playing career.

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