Student arrested lying next to rifle wanted to shoot up university ‘for the lols’

Nicholas Rees will spend sixyears in prison (Picture: MEN Media)

Nicholas Rees will spend six years in prison (Picture: MEN Media)

A student who ‘admired’ Andrew Tate was arrested lying next to a rifle on his bed after saying he wanted to ‘shoot everyone’ at his university for ‘lols’.

Leeds Crown Court heard Nicholas Rees, 26, talked about women in a ‘misogynistic way’ if engagements with them ‘didn’t turn out to his satisfaction’.

The Leeds Trinity University student told others that he was an admirer of controversial social media personality Andrew Tate before he was arrested and charged for hoarding chemicals and air rifles in his room at Oxley Hall, Weetwood.

Rees was found guilty of making an explosive substance, having an explosive substance, and possession of a bladed article following an 11-day trial in November last year.

Gerry Hendron, prosecuting, said that at the time of the offences, Rees was completing a Master’s degree in international business but ‘showed a resentment to other students, females in particular.’

Mr Hendron said: ‘He was aggrieved by others, [students], females, the doctors not medicating him, people in authority, and the police.’

He was first arrested in February of 2023 (Picture: MEN Media)

The court heard that Rees has ADHD, for which he was given diazepam, but there was ‘evidence he wasn’t taking it, because he was selling it to others.’

Mr Hendron said: ‘On the 13th February 2023, he was arrested under suspicion of possession of a firearm – a starting pistol – and ammunition.’

The court heard Rees had also obtained chemicals which could be constituents in an explosive substance and camouflage – of which Mr Hendron said ‘did not have a lawful purpose’.

The prosecutor told the court that the items found were ‘mainly to attack students on campus or the police… He told students as such… Going back to the academic year of 2022/2023, the defendant was exhibiting worrying behaviour to others.

‘Reports were made to management about him from other students…By February 2023, he was seen to be carrying what appeared to be a firearm in the communal areas of the halls. As a result a report was made to the police.’

It was said that on February 13 last year, Rees went to his GP surgery and asked to speak to the practice manager after sending a complaint form referring to a failure to prescribe his medication, resulting in PTSD.

Nicholas Rees was a fan of Andrew Tate (Picture: MEN Media)

Mr Hendron said: ‘The defendant told the practice manager about his medication and said he needed diazepam.

‘He said without it, his mind went into dark places and he referred to himself going on “one last outing” and “doing something serious”.

‘She took this to mean a shooting spree or a bomb and this made her extremely anxious. He showed the practice manager searches of how to make body armour. He said he didn’t want to do these things, but without the diazepam he would.’

The court heard that in a separate incident, in a chain of messages to his friend, Rees showed her ‘what he had been making’ and said he was hoping to get a ballistic face …read more

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