Starry-eyed celebs and Gen Z are going crazy for new wave tarot – but at what cost?

In Focus: Starry-eyed celebs and Gen Z are going crazy for new wave tarot - but have scammers marked their cards?

43% of Gen Z women said they would make a big decision based on spirituality(Credits: Melissa Cross)

There’s no doubt about it, the ‘spiritual service industry’ is big business.

In fact, it’s making megabucks. Worth $3.6billion last year alone, it’s only predicted to increase.

No longer seen as fun seaside pier fodder, whether you’re after an aura cleanse, tarot read or psychic encounter, you can find it with the tap of a button, any time, anywhere – and for any price.

It’s no surprise, considering there are currently 3.8billion views on TikTok for #astrology, 12.6billion views for #astrologytiktok, and 74.9billion views for #zodiacsigns.

With Gen Zers and millennials most closely associated with this the astrology revival, 43% of Gen Z women even said they would make a big decision based on astrology.

But it’s not just us ‘civilians’ who love a bit of spiritually. Gemma Collins famously spent over a £1,000 pounds on a psychic after a breakup, in the hope she and her ex would get back together, while Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift love a bit of tarot card action. Then there’s Anya Taylor-Joy of Queen’s gambit fame, who even carrries her own cards and crystals around with her.

But there’s one spiritual practice in particular that is making massive social media waves: tarot readings.

On TikTok, practitioners charge set fees for card readings, however a ‘live’ video – which is more for their collective following – is free, although donations are more than welcome, the audiences are told.

Viveca Chow, 28, is a Broadway musical performer living in New York and has paid a TikTok tarot reader ‘multiple times’.

She considers herself ‘picky and cautious of who I get a reading from’ and these days she has a go-to practitioner that she uses to help guide her through life when things get tricky.

‘I came across her TikTok live where she gives free mini readings to viewers,’ Viveca tells

‘I happened to get picked for one of those readings after staying on the live for a while, and she said something about me being in an upcoming advert. The next week, I was part of a Pepsi commercial.

‘I was very surprised when it happened, but comforted in a way. It was cool to have something come into fruition that felt like it was mine. 

‘I actually didn’t make the link when it first happened, but when I remembered, I was like “Oh my god!”.

Viveca says her reader predicted her finances would improve, and they have (Picture: Viveca Chow)

‘That prediction got me very curious about booking a private reading with her, so I did.

‘Overall, she was very positive which is why I like her, and everything seems to be aligned with what she’s said so far.

‘For example, she told me that she “is seeing a lot of dollar signs” during my readings, and that money was incoming. …read more

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