Starfield: how to make money quickly and the most lucrative missions

Starfield screenshot

Starfield offers many ways to ear credits (Picture: Bethesda)

Making cash in Bethesda’s sci-fi epic Starfield is relatively easy but there are shortcuts to becoming filthy rich.

To get anywhere in Starfield you’ll need a lot money in your pockets.

Money buys you new weapons, ammo, spacesuits, spaceship upgrades, outpost upkeep, and more. So no money, no fun.

Knowing how to fill your pockets with credits will take you a long way, but it will also likely blur the line between good and evil.

How to make money early in Starfield

A simple way to make money is to complete missions, and before long you’ll be able to join factions that will offer more lucrative quest lines.

One way to make good credit early on in Starfield is to join the United Colonies Vanguard in New Atlantis. After you’d done that, apply for the job at the Ryujin Industries Neon and sign up with the Freestar Collective or, if you want to get naughty, get arrested (without dying) and join the Crimson Fleet.

The main storyline will also earn you money, but it seems the more immoral your missions are the more credit you’ll collect. But will it be worth it?

How important is looting is Starfield?

Like its Bethesda siblings Skyrim and Fallout, looting is a big part of Starfield, and an important way of making money.

Obviously you can keep loot but if you don’t really need it then it’s often more useful to sell it, since hoarding gains you nothing. Selling (including stealing and selling) items to vendors is always easy money.

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Or say you didn’t like the look of that spaceship over there. Board it, eliminate its pirates, and sell the ship and its cargo items.

Looting is an important revenue stream in Starfield. However, especially in the beginning of the game, your inventory capacity will be limited. So look for things with low mass and high value to get your slippery fingers on.

Valuable items to loot in Starfield

Some of the more lucrative items in Starfield include:





Antique Earth relics


Another tip is to do planetary scans and sell the data on to a vendor named Vladimir.

To do so you have to scan a planet while in orbit. A faster option, if you don’t want to spend time watching a planet swirl, is to head to a gas giant or asteroid and do the same thing there.

Should you get the Commerce skill in Starfield?

Learning the skill of Commerce is a great way to earn some extra cash. Commerce lets you make better deals in Starfield. It’ll let you buy items at lower prices and sell them for more.

Commerce can be especially valuable if sales and looting is the way you want to go with your character. The trick is volume: the more you do …read more

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