Selfridges Beauty Hall reopens after 12-month refurbishment with over 300 beauty brands – 50 of which are exclusive

Selfridges Beauty Hall

Selfridges have transformed the beauty hall into a thing of greatness. (Picture: Metro/Selfridges/Andrew Meredith)

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Calling all beauty fanatics as the Selfridges Beauty Hall has just undergone a major revamp and wow, it’s a real beauty.

During stages of renovations, the whole process took a whopping 12 months to complete, and let us tell you right now, it was worth the wait (and hard work).

Selfridges is now offering customers over 300 beauty brands, including 50 that are exclusive to their stores.

Customers can also enjoy over 200 beauty services and consult – with more than 1,000 beauty experts, but more on that later.

The store will host over 150 beauty pop-ups annually and provide over 2,500 refill options from 74 brands. By 2025, all beauty brands will incorporate refill options into their counters. How good is that?

The Beauty Hall features the new Beauty Spot, a permanent destination for creative and experimental beauty retail concepts, launching with a special residency from REFY.

Better yet? A bespoke lighting system has been created for optimal shade matching and colour consultations. So never again will you leave the store with the wrong foundation match.

Wherever you stand now, you can see all the beauty brands Selfridges has to offer. (Picture: Selfridges/Metro/Andrew Meredith)

Every Wednesday morning, Selfridges offers a ‘quiet shopping’ experience for customers seeking a calmer, quieter environment.

And throughout June, a series of beauty events will be held each weekend in the London, Birmingham, and Manchester Beauty Halls to celebrate each city’s unique culture as part of the Big City Beauty program.

Selfridges made history as the first department store to showcase beauty products on the ground floor, a trend that has since been adopted by major department stores worldwide.

Harry Gordon Selfridge, the visionary founder, revolutionised retail by encouraging customers to experiment with products displayed above the counter. This innovative approach created an immediate buzz and vibrant atmosphere when shoppers step inside. The success of this formula has now been replicated globally.

Today, Selfridges celebrates the dynamic culture of beauty, staying true to Harry’s inclusive “everyone is welcome” ethos. With products ranging from a popular £6 lipstick to an exquisite £2,500 fragrance, there’s something for everyone, reflecting the store’s commitment to accessibility and luxury alike.

Look how bright and beautiful she is! (Picture: Selfridges/Metro/Andrew Meredith)

Selfridges is the go-to destination for exclusivity, innovation, and the latest in colour trends, offering an unmatched selection of skincare and a vast array of fragrances – last year alone, Selfridges sold over 10 million litres of fragrance, enough to fill four Olympic swimming pools.

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