Samsung’s new robot butler can pour a glass of wine and do your laundry — take a look at how it works

Bot Handy.

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Samsung just showed off a robot assistant at CES that would look right at home on “The Jetsons.” CES is typically a time when companies debut new and exciting technology that isn’t ready to go on the market yet, and Bot Handy is still in development.

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Samsung introduced some other robots too, and one of them will actually be available to purchase soon. Jetbot 90 AI+ is a smart vacuum cleaner with cameras and Lidar technology to clean a home while avoiding cables and other objects. Samsung Bot Care is designed to act as a “robotic assistant and companion,” and is also still in development. 

Notably, Bot Handy is the only one that can pour a glass of wine. Take a look here.

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Samsung showed off Bot Handy at CES.

It is one of several bots Samsung demonstrated.

A single long arm with a mechanical hand on the end sets Bot Handy apart from the rest of the lineup.

The robot is black and white, and reached about shoulder-height on the presenter.

The screen acts as a sort of face, with eyes that change shape to mimic showing emotions.

Bot Handy is intended to work as a household assistant, “working as your trusted partner to help with house chores,” according to Samsung.

Source: Samsung

The company says Bot Handy will use “advanced AI to recognize and pick up objects of varying sizes, shapes and weights,” like dirty dishes.

Dirty laundry is also fair game for the robotic butler.

It can do more delicate tasks too, like pour a glass of wine.

The robot will be able to use an “appropriate amount of force,” Samsung says.

For now, Robot Handy is still in development with no definitive price or sales date.

See the robot in action here.

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