Russian recruited for marksman skills after he shot his ex-wife dead in a moving car

Ex-cop Sergei Kadatsky kneeling while being arrested.

Sergei Kadatsky shot at his ex-wife, her dad and then at the police before being arrested (Picture: East2West)

Vladimir Putin freed a convicted murderer who shot his wife in a moving car so he could fight for Russia in the Ukraine war.

Sergei Kadatsky killed Yulia, 36, and grievously wounded her dad, Vladimir Svitsov, before firing at police in 2017.

The 41-year-old, who was a police officer at the time, was jailed for 15 years but had his sentence cut short when the war broke out.

He fought for the Wagner Group – a private army run by close Putin crony Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has become a billionaire from his close links to the president.

The mercenary force was reportedly seeking inmates with proven shooting abilities and Kadatsky made the cut for his marksman skills.

But he has now been killed on the battlefield, with the head of Putin’s annexed territory in Luhansk, Leonid Pasechnik, saying it was a ‘heroic death’.

Kadatsky was awarded a posthumous ‘bravery medal’.

Mum Yulia Kadatsky was in a car with her dad when she was killed by her ex-husband (Picture: East2West)

Sergei Kadatsky, 41, was jailed for 15 years after a court found him guilty of murder (Picture: East2West)

His horrific crimes came after Kadatsky lost a custody battle with Yulia.

The mum-of-one was in a car with her dad when Kadatsky used a hunting rifle with special optical sights to shoot at them.

After the car came to a halt, Kadatsky fired a pistol at the pair.

Yulia died on the spot and Vladimir had to get his left arm and shoulder amputated.

Kadatsky claimed he killed her in a ‘crime of passion’ but a court ruled it was cold-blooded murder.

It’s believed up to 35,000 prison inmates have been freed to fight for Putin – possibly the biggest mass release of prisoners in history.

Among them are believed to be hundreds of murderers like Kadatsky.

Those who survive for six months have their remaining sentences wiped clean by Putin.

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