Roman Kemp reveals devastating grief caused him to leave radio show

Publicity shot of Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp has talked about his decision to step down from his role with Capital FM this year (Picture: Getty Images)

Roman Kemp has revealed the devastating sense of grief which led to his exit from his radio show on Capital FM.

The star, 31, only recently hung up his headphones as the host of Capital Breakfast after seven years on the airwaves.

He hosted the show from May 2017 until March 2014. Originally co-hosting alongside Vick Hope, he was later joined by Sonny Jay in 2018.

However, tragedy struck in 2020 when close friend and producer Joe Lyons – affectionally known as Producer Joe – took his own life.

Roman continued to host the show in the wake of this tragedy, only announcing in February this year that he would be stepping down from the position.

Opening up about his decision to leave Capital, Roman revealed how the death of his friend partly informed his decision after ‘living that same day over and over again.’

Roman was left devastated when pal Joe Lyons took his own life (Picture: Joe Lyons/Instagram)

Speaking to The Mirror, Roman said: ‘I actually think that a big decision and wanting to do it and wanting to move on and feeling like I need to close this chapter isn’t anything to do with radio or the occupation.

‘It’s to do with what happened to me. That sounds wild but I mean it, it’s not normal, imagine a tragedy happened in your house, you’re going to want to move.

‘The bosses at Capital know this and I said it, it’s difficult, I went through such a horrible moment in that studio, four years on and I’ve been living that same day over and over again, without the awful event.’

Roman learned of his friend’s death while at work (Picture: Instagram/Joe Lyons)

Roman added: ‘For me, I’m quite ready to go “Ok, close that door now, don’t go back living that horrible day over again.

‘That’s sad that obviously affects me but it does. Every day I walk in there and see Joe, that’s a weird thing to do.

‘I think it’s going to be really good for me to move on with my life.’

In the wake of Joe’s death, Roman went on to become a keen advocate for men’s mental health (Picture: Getty Images)

Roman was told the heartbreaking news about his friend while at work when colleagues visited Joe’s home to investigate after he failed to come in that day.

Since then, Roman has gone on to become an advocate for men’s mental health, making a documentary about the subject called Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency.

In campaigning for better mental health support systems in the UK, he often speaks about his dearly missed friend, Joe.

Roman has no plans to return to radio (Picture: Shutterstock)

Although Roman doesn’t plan to return to radio anytime soon, he does currently host the podcast FFS! My Dad is Martin Kemp with his dad, the titular Spandau Ballet star.

In a recent episode, the …read more

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