Robbie Williams names the only popstar he reckons is ‘unhinged’

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Robbie Williams is a big fan of The 1975’s Matty Healy (Picture: SplashNews)

Robbie Williams has heaped praise on The 1975’s Matty Healy, saying he’s the only popstar ‘willing to be something other than beige’.

And out of respect for Matty, the 50-year-old Let Me Entertain You hitmaker has vowed to return to his own ‘rebellious’ 90s ways, when Robbie himself was one of the most controversial popstars on the planet.

In a new Instagram post, he said: ‘How boring is the music scene right now? I’m not attacking the music itself. I’m just lamenting the death of friction, danger, personality.’

Matty has courted controversy numerous times over the last few years, having been outspoken on politics and world affairs, and has received criticism on social media and from fellow musicians in the industry.

Robbie then made reference to his own music and the direction his career has taken since stepping away from the pop limelight, admitting that he has, at times, allowed himself to be defined by what others think of him.

Matty Healy has courted his fair share of controversy (Picture: FilmMagic)

‘I’ll admit I’ve vanilla’d myself into a corner trying to chase what’s gone. I get it, everyone’s scared. No one knows what you’ll say that will get you cancelled.’

He continued: ‘No one knows what you’ve already said or written that will end you. So many people to offend. Matt Healy is the only commercially viable pop/rock star that I can see who is willing to be something other than beige.’

Matty then appeared in Robbie’s statement for a second time as the Candy singer carried on: ‘I really like Matt – he’s unhinged, super smart, super talented and willing to upset. Upsetting for a cause. The cause being a complicated inner life, a rebellious streak, and, boredom.’

Robbie had a bad-boy reputation back in the 1990s (Picture: Getty)

Matty is known for being outspoken (Picture: Getty)

Robbie was famous during the late 1990s and early 2000s for his public outbursts and erratic behaviour, as well as producing controversial music videos and making several scenes at awards shows.

The Angels singer controversially left pop group Take That to go it alone and had a long-running feud with former bandmate Gary Barlow (until the two made up years later when Robbie briefly re-joined).

Years later, the video for number one single Rock DJ depicted Robbie peeling his skin off and eventually revealing his skeleton while women danced around him and ate pieces of his flesh – the video was heavily edited by major TV shows and even banned from some channels.

He vowed to put that spirit back into his future recordings: ‘I’ve gotta get some of that energy back in my musical life. Like I say ‘’So many people to offend’’, I hope I have time to fit them all in. It’s time to take the p**s again.’

Matty is currently banned from Malaysia after he protested the country’s anti-LGBT laws by kissing his bandmate Ross MacDonald in Kuala Lumpur.

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