Rising stars from Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and Tiger Global share their best career advice


It’s not easy to get a job at a top hedge fund or prestigious bank. Usually, it involves several rounds of superday, group, and one-on-one interviews. For students, a Wall Street career often starts with a summer internship, which is an extended interview in and of itself.

But getting a full-time offer is just the beginning. Once inside, you’ll need to get up to speed on complex products and markets, make the networking rounds, and stay competitive in your peer group.

Business Insider asked this year’s Rising Stars of Wall Street to give us their best career advice for those just starting out.

Here’s some of the top insight that we got.

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Adam Parker of Center Lake Capital: Do what you’re passionate about

Adam Parker made a decision that he said his parents didn’t necessarily understand when he was leaving college a little over 10 years ago.

After interning at Lehman Brothers the summer before, Parker had a chance to return to the then-massive investment bank as a full-time employee after graduation. But he wanted to get into investing, having caught the bug after he and few friends sold a Grubhub-like company while undergrads.

So he joined little-known Force Capital, a hedge fund, because that’s what he was passionate about doing. The decision now — 10 years after Lehman collapsed, and with Parker running his own fund — appears to have been a prescient one.

Evan Feinberg of Tiger Global: Being smart isn’t enough

Wall Street is full of Wharton grads and Harvard MBAs.

Evan Feinberg of Tiger Global has realized that intelligence is the thing that opens the door for you in finance — but what puts you over the top is work ethic.

Samantha Tortora of BlackRock: Solve problems and do things outside the office that energize you

Samantha Tortora is one of the youngest heads of investor relations in the industry. She started as the first official employee on the company’s investor-relations team, a role she sought out to do something entrepreneurial. Even at a firm with 15,000 employees, she recommends seeking out opportunities to likewise create something new.

“We just had our analyst-orientation program. I said, ‘Look around you. When you run into a problem, or something you think could be done better, don’t take it for granted — solve it.’ People reward you for that and won’t stop you from solving it. That’s why I am where I am. I also feel like there are a lot of really smart people here. Listening and absorbing very early on was very important to me.”

Tortora also recommends finding interests outside work to recharge. She prioritizes health and wellness by going to spin classes at Soul Cycle consistently. “That helps me push myself physically to my limits, which then translates to what I’m able to do at work — push beyond the boundaries.”

Food, wine, cooking, and travel sustain her off the spin bike.

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