Ricky Gervais unrecognisable as 1980s pop career resurfaces

Ricky Gervais

Let’s revisit the brief pop career of Ricky Gervais (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Do you remember when Ricky Gervais had a pop career?

Well, he did! In the 1980s, in fact, and fans have had their minds blown thanks to Ricky’s stint as a pop star resurfacing online.

The After Life creator and controversial comic, 62, ventured into the music world in 1983 during his final year as a student at University College London.

Alongside his uni pal Bill Macrae, he formed the new wave pop duo Seona Dancing.

And this was serious stuff, as the pair got themselves signed by London Records and released two singles.

Sadly, Ricky’s pop career was short-lived when their tunes – More to Lose and Bitter Heart – failed to chart, but they make for an incredible dose of nostalgia when we look back now!

An Instagram account named TerriblyAwesomeCovers – which boasts over 69,000 followers – reminded the world of Ricky’s brief stint as a musician by sharing a clip of him and Bill performing back in the day.

‘Never forget that Ricky Gervais once performed a would-be New Romantic classic in front of a bunch of grade schoolers’, their caption read as they uploaded a video of Ricky singing while Bill played piano.

It’s safe to say Ricky looks worlds away from his 2024 self in the clip, with his brunette locks slicked back.

He also wears earrings and is dressed in all white as he bops side to side to the music.

Naturally, fans in the comments section were stunned.

Ricky was part of a pop duo called Seona Dancing with a uni pal (Picture: Instagram)

‘I’ve been following this account for a couple years at first and this is the first I’m seeing this. Wild’, wrote lincolnalbemarle.

‘Could be a dream sequence from The Office’, wrote antwallace.

‘Look at those cheekbones. What a fashion plate!’, said 90sstreetwear.

User ravezilla praised: ‘Credit for always having the guts to do what he set out to do..pop star, comedian, movie star, animal lover, humanitarian. Good for Ricky.’

Others joked about Ricky’s character of David Brent being a ‘massive influence on David Bowie.

He looked very different! (Picture: Fin Costello/Redferns)

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‘I can hear him laughing at this’, joked alex_ander_salamander, while mslaurahamilton declared a bit of a crush: ‘What? He’s pretty hot! 🔥’

Ricky has never been shy when speaking about his love of music, having previously branded himself ‘a frustrated, failed musician’ when his singles failed to chart in the UK.

In 2016, he chatted about his unsuccessful pop venture on The Graham Norton Show, saying the dream wasn’t totally dead.

‘I sneak a song into everything I do. I wrote a song for The Simpsons, I wrote a song with David Bowie for Extras. I’m a frustrated, failed musician,’ he joked.

Host and fellow comedian Graham then dug out an old glam shot of Ricky from the archives.

The actor rose to mainstream prominence when he created The Office in 2001 (Picture: PA)

Ricky has made light of his ‘failed’ …read more

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