Rick Ross Names Newborn Son Billion, Introduces Him to the World via Twitter

It has almost become the norm for hip-hop artists to give their newborn children unique names. Whether it be Jay Z and Beyonce naming their first daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, or Kanye West‘s fleet of peculiar children’s names including his first daughter North West, his son, Saint West, and second son Chicago West. Now, the infamous, Miami-Dade hip-hop artist and businessman, Rick Ross, is joining that list naming his third child and newborn son, Billion.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, you read that correctly. Rick Ross’ newest addition to his expanding family is named Billion Leonard Roberts. Yesterday evening, Rick Ross took to his Twitter account to make the announcement of his newborn child, Billion, which has come to a surprise to the entire hip-hop community. Check out his Tweets below.

Rick Ross Introduces Newborn Son, Billion, To The Masses

Bruiser in da building #itsaboy 🙏🏽

— Yung Rénzél 👑 (@RickRoss) November 7, 2018

Rick Ross has always been relatively quiet when it comes to his mother of his children and his seeds, which is honorable and respectable coming from a public figure who is always under the judgmental microscope of public opinion.

However, the general public is aware of the mother of some of the public spats he’s had with the other mothers of his children. The first being Lastonia Leviston the mother of Ross’ first child, 16-year-old Toie Roberts, who has a rather nasty past with 50 Cent. The second being Tia Kemp the mother of his the mother of his 12-year-old son William Roberts III who claims Ross got liposuction recently, according to SOHH.

Fortunately, for Ricky Rozay, he’s been able to keep his relationship with fitness model and current girlfriend Briana Camille under wraps and now, has a healthy, beautiful baby boy in Billion Leonard Roberts to be grateful for.

Let’s all welcome my son ‘Billion Leonard Roberts’ to the world 🌍… 🙏🏽

— Yung Rénzél 👑 (@RickRoss) November 7, 2018

Rick Ross’ unexpected child announcement also didn’t come with any visual evidence but it’s good to know he’s leaving a legacy behind. Despite what some might think, Rick Ross naming his newborn Billion might not be too far of a reach for the hip-hop artist.

Rick Ross owns a multitude of Wing Stop restaurants, as well as a slew of Checker’s/Rally’s fast-food restaurants throughout the country, and even has an endorsement deal with Pizza Hut. If the ‘Green Gucci Suit’ rapper continues to monopolize within the restaurant industry, Billion could become a billionaire by the time he reaches 25-year-olds.

With that said, congratulations to Rick Ross and Briana Camille to birthing a healthy child in Billion Leonard Williams and check out Renzel’s sit down with Forbes about the development of his Wing Stop empire below.

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