Reviewers say Typology’s serum can make lashes and brows grow longer and stronger – and we’ve got an exclusive discount

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Boost your lashes and brows in a flash (Picture: Typology/Unsplash/

Are your lashes and brows looking a bit… blah?

According to a bunch of happy reviewers, this serum from Typology can help.

Meet Typology’s Eyelashes & Brows Serum. It’s exactly what it says on the aesthetically pleasing bottle: a dedicated serum that’s just for your lashes and brows.

Made using super nourishing pea peptides and castor oil, the product works to strengthen lashes and brows to prevent fallout and breakage. Less fallout and breakage means better growth, which in turn means noticeably fuller, stronger, longer lashes and brows.

Reviewers say the treatment – which you simply brush on to lashes and brows every night with a spoolie attached to the lid – is a game-changer.

‘This eyelash serum works fantastically,’ writes one customer. ‘Since a couple of eye infections my eyelashes have been really short and a bit wayward. But after just a week of using the serum they are longer and straighter.’

The three key ingredients: pea peptides, castor oil, and Biotinyl-GHK and panthenol (Picture: Typology)

Buy for £12.80 (down from £16.80) with the code METROEYELASH24

Another writes: ‘I am thrilled to say that this serum does work. I use it most nights before bed, and notice the difference when I put my mascara on… it is quite significant after just a few weeks of use. Will be purchasing again and keep it in stock!’

So, it works. That’s the first bit of good news.

The second is that we have an exclusive discount code, to chop £4 off the price. That means you can pick up a bottle of the serum (which lasts for ages, FYI) for £12.80, rather than the usual £16.80. Bargain.

To get this deal, simply click here to buy and then add METROEYELASH24 as a discount code at checkout.

A heads up: The discount code is only active from today until the end of August, so you’ll want to move fast.

The product works to nourish and strengthen hairs (Picture: Typology)

Our review of the Typology Eyelashes & Brows Serum

I’ve been trying the serum out for myself for a couple of weeks, and while I haven’t yet noticed longer or fuller lashes, they definitely feel softer and stronger, so we’re on the right track.

My eyebrows, however, are a different story. I’ve tested the product out on just one brow (for easier comparison, not because I want one brow to be thicker than the other), and I’m already noticing new hairs sprouting where there weren’t any before, thickening out the sparse ends of my brows.

All in all, I reckon it’s well worth trying. Even the ritual of applying the serum is a nice way to relax before bed.

I already have an extensive skincare routine, but my lashes and brows were pretty neglected. Now, every night I’m ensuring makeup is properly, fully, removed and brushing the serum on to …read more

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