Pub hits customers with £2 per hour charge to sit under outside heaters

Pub forces customers to pay ?1 for every half an hour they sit under outdoor heaters

Hydes Bar Norton is charging customers £1 for 30 minutes under an outdoor heater (Picture: Facebook/HydesBarNorton)

A trip to the pub on a dismal autumn afternoon might seem like a good way to save some money on heating the home.

But one boozer is now charging customers to keep cosy as the cost of living crisis continues to hit consumers in the pocket.

Hydes Bar Norton in Stockton-on-Tees said rising energy costs led them to make the decision.

The owners of the County Durham bar claim it was either that or increase the price of drinks in order to help cover their soaring energy bills.

They have installed token-fed meters in the outdoor seating area for overhead heaters which cost £1 for 30 minutes.

And the decision has divided customers according to The Sun.

Many smokers and vapers like to sit outside with a drink (Picture:

In a post on social media the pub’s owners said: ‘Following a review of energy charges, which are now two and a half times what we were paying last year, we have made the decision to install token meters for the outdoor canopy heaters.

‘Tokens can be purchased at the bar for £1, which provides 30 minutes.

‘The decision was not taken lightly, the only other option being a blanket increase to drinks prices.

‘The heaters will be available all day.

Hydes Bar Norton says costs have risen substantially during the last 18 months(Picture: Michael Mccarthymet)

‘Despite the bar being almost empty and heated inside, during quiet daytimes we have had people asking for the outdoor heaters to be put on.

‘The running costs for these on an average month would exceed £1000, a cost we cannot sustain. Like many hospitality venues, our operating costs have substantially increased over the last 18 months.

‘We appreciate that not everyone will agree with this, some will want to have a good moan, but as a small independent business, we have to keep our costs low where we can and account for rising charges.’

One customer suggested limiting their opening hours.

He said: ‘Why not go back to old pub times instead of keeping up the Witherspoon [sic] of the world eg Sunday 12-2 open 6 for live music I believe the all-day opening killed pubs who couldn’t manage it, it’s a thought.’

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Another suggested wrapping up.

They said: ‘Put yea thermals on.’

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