Police share the worst driving ever captured on dashcam


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Police have shared some shocking near misses on roads up and down the country – with an Audi driver among the worst offenders.

One of the clips shows the motorist narrowly missing a head-on collision with a lorry as he shoves his head out of a window to shout at another driver.

He recklessly undertakes cars on a junction before braking suddenly on the A158 in North Greetwell, Lincolnshire.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: ‘This driver undertakes a vehicle on the nearside, and then tries to remonstrate verbally with the driver behind him, while nearly colliding with an oncoming large goods vehicle.’

The clip is part of a montage sent in to police by members of the public showing near misses.

In another example, a driver overtakes on a bus lane while another mounts the kerb in a bid to get ahead.

When the Vauxhall driver realises they are stuck in traffic they reverse backwards along the path before re-joining the other cars.

In another clip another audi driver is caught speeding around a blind bend on a country road in Belchford, Bedfordshire.

This Audi driver was caught speeding around a bend (Picture: Lincolnshire Police/SWNS)

This driver almost collided with a lorry head-on (Picture: Lincolnshire Police/SWNS)

Footage shows the red car careering onto the wrong side of the road forcing the motorist, who recorded the incident, to swerve into a ditch.

Another driver was filmed overtaking a lorry on a level crossing despite double white lines on the road.

Dashcam also captured the moment a van driver narrowly avoided a head-on crash when they overtook traffic on the A17 in Holbeach.

A motorcyclist came inches away from being wiped out by an Audi as it accelerated past a car on the A158 in Burgh Le Marsh.

A cyclist captured a Nissan pick-up driver cutting him up on a roundabout in Washingborough.

Another driver almost smashed into an oncoming car as they overtook a horsebox at night on the A15 in Northorpe.

The montage serves as a warning to drivers (Picture: Lincolnshire Police/SWNS)

It could have been a different story for many of these drivers (Picture: Lincolnshire Police/SWNS)

Video shows smoke billowing from the horsebox as the driver slammed on the brakes to prevent a head-on crash.

Another driver shrieked in horror as a white car sped past traffic on the wrong side of the A57 in Saxilby.

A woman is heard shouting: ‘They’re not going to make it. Oh my God!’

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The white car manages to swerve back into the left lane moments before the vehicle passed by.

The car dodges back onto the wrong side of the road again and narrowly misses hitting a second vehicle.

People are encouraged to submit dashcam footage …read more

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