PlayStation owners are roasting Sony’s Project Q on Twitter

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God Of War on Project Q, anyone? (pic: YouTube/PlayStation)

It looks like the design of the Project Q handheld device, revealed at the PlayStation Showcase, has failed to win over the majority of gaming fans. 

Although the recent PlayStation Showcase didn’t quite meet the hype for some, it still delivered a substantial amount of news for people to pore over.

One of the biggest annnoucements was the introduction of Project Q, a handheld streaming device for playing games installed on PlayStation 5 and streamed over Wi-Fi. 

However, it seems that quite a few players aren’t entirely convinced by the new product’s design or functionality and will probably not be grabbing one for themselves. 

If you were scrolling through Twitter once Project Q was revealed, then you will have seen a slew of insults directed at PlayStation’s attempt to rejoin the handheld gaming market.   

Social media, particularly Twitter, was ablaze with a stream of insults directed at PlayStation’s new hardware, ranging from amusing to downright savage. 

One Nintendo fan let their imagination go wild and claimed Project Q looks like it was made by Link using his newfound Fuse power from Tears Of The Kingdom, to attach a PlayStation 5 controller cut in half with the Switch’s screen.

— Miguel 🦑 Sternberg (@spookysquid) May 24, 2023

Many have drawn a comparison between Sony’s new handheld device and the failed Wii U, even claiming it’s time to give Nintendo’s least-loved console an apology. 


— Ultima📛 | #вʟм (@UltimaShadowX) May 24, 2023

Others claimed that if images of the console had leaked before the showcase, most people would have likely brushed them off as fake, with one PlayStation player using his controllers to make his own Project Q. 

Look Guys! It’s Project Q!

— Matty the Bro (@matty_yoshi) May 25, 2023

One fan even used Will Smith’s viral Oscar moment to express their feelings about Project Q’s streaming-only functionality. 

New portable device. It’s streaming only.

— Mohamed Enieb (@its_menieb) May 24, 2023

Although some experienced a sense of disappointment, others saw the release of a Sony handheld console as somewhat of a win, stating that it is the closest they’ll get to a PS Vita 2. 

I think this is as close as we’ll ever get to a Vita 2 😭. Still excited for it though!

— Rich R (@rcr_92) May 24, 2023

Only a small portion of gamers were genuinely eager to get their hands on Project Q, regardless of its asking price, which hasn’t been yet announced. However, finding these positive comments requires some serious digging. 

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