Piers Morgan clashes with Andrew Tate over ‘misogynistic’ comments about Amanda Holden

andrew tate on talk tv

Andrew Tate was grilled over his comments about Amanda Holden (Picture: TalkTV)

Piers Morgan grilled Andrew Tate over his vile comments about Amanda Holden’s bikini pictures.

In a lengthy interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Monday night, the former Good Morning Britain host turned the conversation to Tate’s remark about Amanda earlier this year.

The 36-year-old controversial influencer, who was arrested last year on rape and human trafficking charges, commented on a photo Amanda shared to Instagram of herself in a bikini.

He said: ‘You are a wife and a mother and youre [sic] far past a teenager. There is no need for this post.’

Piers began by calling Amanda ‘a very good friend of mine’ and described the photo as ‘harmless’ and ‘extraordinarily beautiful’.

He said Tate’s comment was ‘misogynistic,’ with Tate shouting over him – as he had done all through the interview – ‘it’s not misogynist.’

Piers spoke to the controversial influencer in an hour-long interview (Picture: TalkTV)

He asked why Amanda should have to cover up just because she’s in her 50s (Picture: TalkTV)

Piers asked why Amanda, who is 52, ‘can’t show off her beautiful body in a nice bikini like that, what is wrong with that?’

Which led to Tate launching into a loud rant about how over the age of 50, ‘any woman should not be interested in thirst trapping on Instagram.

‘I think she has bigger responsibilities, I am sure she is a very intelligent lady … and I think she could do things more interesting than standing around trying to thirst trap on Instagram like she is 18.’

He insisted he ‘wasn’t insulting her, I was reminding her that she is actually such a fantastic person, she has done such amazing things in her life … she is actually above thirst trapping. I was reminding her of her worth, because as a feminist, we are all feminists here, right, we all believe in women empowerment. I am reminding her of her worth.’

Tate doubled down on claims that he is a feminist, because ‘taking your clothes off for men on Instagram is not empowering. Modesty is empowering for a female.’

Amanda had said she was tempted to reply but didn’t want to give Tate any ‘oxygen’ (Picture: @AmandaHolden)

‘It’s empowering when you say “no man except my husband can see my body.” That is female empowerment and I was reminding her of that … I was reminding her of her ripe age and her intellect and there is no need for that post.’

Piers asked if Tate, who is 36, would stop ‘thirst-trapping’ with his own topless photos, and he insisted that is ‘different’ and is not thirst-trapping.

Amanda herself previously spoke about Tate’s comment on her Instagram, saying she had been tempted to post the photo with the caption: ‘Kiss my 52-year-old arse.’

She continued: ‘But you just know something like that’s going to go on and on – and in the end, why give him …read more

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