Photos show exactly how much sunscreen you should be using

A woman spritzes her arm with spray sun screen at the beach

UV protection is a must (Picture: Getty Images)

Exactly how much sunscreen should you be applying when you jet off to sunnier climes?

Spoiler: You’re probably not smearing on enough.

A recent study found that 67% of British people don’t use enough sun cream, with 44% using less than half the recommended amount.

You’re supposed to use six teaspoons or more of sun cream for your entire body, but that’s a bit tricky to visualise when it comes to actually applying.

Handily, The Hospital Group has broken it down for us, creating images of the recommended amount of sunblock you should be using for each body part.

We’ve also got the lowdown on how much product you’ll need to take with you on your next holiday, taking the hassle out of packing your UV protection.

Face and neck

You need half a teaspoon for your face and neck (Picture: The Hospital Group)

Loads of us forget to smother our face in sun cream, and when we do it’s rarely enough.

The British Association of Dermatologists recommends half a teaspoon of sunscreen for your face and neck. It might be handy to actually crack out a teaspoon (at least while you’re getting the hang of it) so you can get a proper measure.


One teaspoon is recommended for your arms – so half on each (Picture: The Hospital Group)

Research found that 46% of Brits don’t apply enough sun cream to their arms (which we assumed was the easiest bit to cover, honestly).

The recommended amount is one teaspoon for each, which equates to a dollop around the length of the tip of your index finger from your first knuckle to the tip


Squeeze two teaspoons worth of sun cream to cover both legs (Picture: The Hospital Group)

You need to rub in one teaspoon of sunscreen to each leg – so reserve two teaspoons’ worth for your pair of pins.

As another way to eyeball the measurement if you’re stuck, a teaspoon is roughly equal to a standard water bottle cap in volume.

The front of your torso

You’ll need a full teaspoon of sunscreen for the front of your torso (Picture: The Hospital Group)

One teaspoon for your chest and tummy, please.

You may also want to add more to your chest if your cleavage tends to get burnt in the sun.

The back of your torso

And another for your back (Picture: The Hospital Group)

And another teaspoon for your back and shoulders. Enlist the help of a pal* to get every bit covered.

*One you trust not to give you a rude sunburn tattoo.

There are also parts of your body you’re probably not slathering with suncream whatsoever, so make sure to save another teaspoon or so for those often forgotten areas.

This includes the soles of your feet, your lips (you can get special sunblock lip balms if you suffer from dryness), your eyelids, and your hairline or parting.

Oh, and your bum needs a layer of sunscreen, too – as 87% of Brits forget to cover this bit.

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