Phillip Schofield’s ITV co-star Vanessa Feltz forced to react to his resignation and affair bombshell live on air

Vanessa Feltz, Phillip Schofield

Vanessa Feltz was forced to react to Phillip Schofield’s announcement live on air (Picture: TalkTV/REX/ITV)

Vanessa Feltz was live on air when the news broke of Phillip Schofield’s ITV resignation and his affair confession.

The TV star had to react to the announcement in front of the nation, making for some rather awkward television indeed.

Phil made a statement on Friday (May 26) to confirm that he would be stepping down from all his ITV jobs with ‘immediate effect’, apologising to bosses and his family for lying about an affair with a much younger male colleague.

After years of speculation over the nature of their relationship, Phil finally addressed the matter, claiming that despite meeting the runner when he was a teenager, their relationship, though ‘unwise’, was ‘not illegal’.

It remains unclear what Phil’s TV future will look like, or how shows such as This Morning and Dancing On Ice will move forward.

Vanessa, 61, has appeared on This Morning alongside Phil, also 61, many times, famous for dishing out cut-throat advice to callers in struggling relationships.

Vanessa was on TalkTV as the bombshell of Phil’s affair confession came in (Picture: TalkTV)

Journalist Nigel Pauley did most of the talking as Vanessa nodded along (Picture: TalkTV)

While she kept it professional as she learned of Phil’s shocking, tell-all statement, her attempt at keeping a poker face won’t have gone unnoticed by viewers.

Vanessa was chatting to journalist Nigel Pauley on TalkTV when the news came in.

She began by responding to the recent chatter around Phil and co-host Holly Willoughby’s ‘fallout’, amid claims they were ‘barely speaking’ behind the scenes.

Vanessa said, defending the pair: ‘They haven’t done anything to harm any members of the public, they’ve just presented a daytime television show, so I feel it’s only right to say that as I truly think that and I know them both and like them both.’

She then handed over to Nigel, who was on hand to explain the latest developments.

She has appeared on This Morning with Phil numerous times (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Phil has stepped down from ITV ‘with immediate effect’ (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

‘Looking at this as a journalist, I would say there’s a lot of stuff that’s gonna come out about this,’ he said.

The former Mirror reporter said there had been ‘rumours’ of a relationship between Phil and a younger colleague, who he did not name in his statement in order to protect his privacy.

He went on to discuss how Phil has also been let go from his talent agency after working with them for 35 years.

Nigel explained how the agency was essentially ‘formed around’ Phil.

‘Their main person for 30, 40 years has been Phillip Schofield.

‘Now, for him to be dropped by an agency which was virtually his agency, is shocking.’

He concluded by predicting ‘more negativity’ to come in the near future.

His announcement comes after rumours of a ‘fallout’ with Holly Willoughby (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Phil apologised …read more

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