People in this ‘quaint’ UK city are buying sex toys like there’s no tomorrow

One ‘quaint’ UK city is getting frisky considerably more than others (Picture: Getty)

One ‘quaint’ UK city is getting frisky considerably more than others (Picture: Getty)

We all love a little bit of self-care – and as well as chocolate and bubble baths, sex toys are increasingly becoming synonymous with this treat yourself mentality.

In fact, there’s one UK city that’s indulging in sex toys like there’s no tomorrow – and it’s perhaps not where you’d think.

That’s right: the good people of Norwich, the crowning jewel of East Anglia, are treating themselves to a little buzz considerably more than other cities.

Known for its cobbled streets, huge number of churches (31 being from the Medieval period, in fact) and nurturing community feel, Norwich is known for being a lovely – but sleepy – cathedral city.

Previously described as a ‘quaint’ and ‘pleasant’ place to live as part of a Norwich-specific Reddit thread, it might come as a surprise that it’s been named the new sex toy capital of the UK. Honestly? Good for them.

Norwich is known for its strong community feel (Picture: Getty Images)

The figures came as part of a new study from, which found that people in Norwich are buying pleasurable products ten times more than any other city in the UK per capita.

And it’s not just Norwich that’s got a good thing going: in a recent study from Oxford Online Pharmacy, neighbouring Ipswich was ranked the 10th most sexually curious city in the UK.

So, clearly East Anglia is the place to be when it comes to sex positivity.

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Meanwhile, coming in close at second place was Edinburgh, where its residents buy a whopping 20% more toys than Londoners, while Birmingham came in third place.

Though the Big Smoke technically buys the most sex toys in terms of number, when looking at it per capita, they drop down the list.

The UK cities buying the most sex toys, according to


The people of Milton Keynes also seemingly know what they like, spending the most on luxury sex toys and higher priced items. Bougie.

But what are people spending their money on specifically? When it came to search terms across the UK, the queries ‘thrusting dildo,’ ‘pussy pump,’ ‘cock sleeve,’ and ‘dildo’ came up trumps. Saucy, eh?

According to sexologist and sex expert at Gigi Engle, the data says something about how we as a society have come to view sex toys not as something to be ashamed of, but as necessary for our wellbeing.

‘People are more comfortable buying sex toys as the discourse around pleasure products becomes more positive. Having sex toys is much more socially acceptable than …read more

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