People are convinced a ‘scandalous’ change has been made to this popular ice lolly

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Assortment of many frozen ice lollies (Credits: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

From the number of crisps in a packet, to the size of a Freddo bar, and the amount of butter in a packet, shrinkflation is an epidemic that’s had Brits gripped for months.

Essentially, it’s where a product changes in size, getting smaller, but the price doesn’t change to reflect this.

And it seems the latest product to fall victim to this could be the Fab lolly — an iconic and colourful summertime treat. 

The Nestlé ice lolly is split into three parts, a strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate section on top, covered in rainbow sprinkles. Each part is supposed to be the same size, with the packaging showing what it’s meant to look like.

But lately fans of the Fab have noticed something rather ‘scandalous’ going on with the product, and they aren’t best pleased.

The packet shows what the proportions are meant to look like. (Picture: Ocado/Nestle)

Shoppers have taken to social media to share their outrage over one of the sections supposedly getting smaller — and it’s undoubtedly the best one. 

In a post on Reddit, one unhappy Brit wrote: ‘The chocolate on top of a Fab lolly has shrunk! Scandalous’

Another responded to say they had noticed this also, claiming ‘the bit at the top was centimetres smaller than it should have been.’

They added: ‘I think they’re the latest classic to fall victim to shrinkflation. It’s so disappointing when you devour the top bit in five seconds.’

For the UK Redditors, the chocolate on top of a Fab lolly has shrunk! Scandalous
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Those who feel personally victimised by this issue will be pleased to hear that action is being taken, and an investigation has been launched. 

Nestlé’s ice cream products and lollies are all manufactured by Froneri in the UK, who told ‘At Froneri we take quality very seriously and aim to delight customers with our products, we are sorry to learn that someone has not received a product that meets our standards.

‘We haven’t made any changes to the size of Fab or any of its three sections. A Fab lolly should have three equally sized sections; strawberry at the bottom, vanilla milk ice in the middle and chocolate with sprinkles at the top.

‘We are investigating this with our technical team, in order to address it from occurring going forwards.’

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The Fab lollies have been around for 57 years, having first been launched by J. Lyons & Co back in 1967.

The cool treat was released during the Thunderbirds heyday, when the phrase ‘F-A-B’ was all the rage. As such, the original packaging and advertising featured Lady Penelope and her driver, Parker, as well as her bright pink FAB1 Rolls-Royce saloon.

Back then they cost just 6d each (pennies were abbreviated to ‘d’ because the Laitn for coin was ‘denarius’). Today, the price has gone up, with a six pack costing £2.50 …read more

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