Pamela Anderson gets choked up over breakdown of Tommy Lee relationship in Netflix documentary: ‘I don’t think I’ve loved anybody else’

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Pamela and Tommy had a rollercoaster romance from the start (Picture: S. Granitz/WireImage)

Pamela Anderson became visibly emotional in her Netflix documentary while talking about her past relationship with Tommy Lee, stressing that she loved her ex-husband ‘for all the right reasons’.

In her new film – titled Pamela, a love story – the former Baywatch star has opened up candidly about her life and career, taking viewers behind-the-scenes of her tumultuous love affair with the Mötley Crüe drummer.

The couple wed in 1995 in Cancún, Mexico after just four days together in a whirlwind romance, going on to have two children together – Brandon, 26, and Dylan, 25.

However, they divorced in 1998 after Tommy was sentenced to six months in jail for spousal abuse. A few years later, they were granted joint custody of their sons, and Pamela wrote in her soon-to-be-released memoir that they ‘check in’ with each other ‘every once in a while’.

At one point during the programme, Pamela and Brandon sat down together to watch an old home movie of Pamela surprising Tommy with a ceiling covered in purple balloons for his birthday.

In the video, the couple told each other that they loved each other, before cheersing to their relationship.

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While watching the film, Pamela initially gasped with astonishment at the nostalgic footage, before taking an emotion-laden deep breath after watching it play out.

‘I think I need to take a break. Let’s take a break. I kind of fear what’s next,’ she said, getting up from her seat and walking away.

Expressing his own amazement over the video, Brandon told the camera: ‘So crazy, you know? My parents were actually probably the two most insane people ever to live on planet Earth.’

The couple had two children together (Picture: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

He continued: ‘I just know he was so happy too. But I don’t even remember that. ‘Cause by the time I was three, four years old, by the time I’m starting to remember things, it definitely wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.’

When Pamela returned to her eldest son, she told him: ‘I was just thinking about it upstairs, I was thinking, you know… I’m probably going to get into a lot of s**t for saying this, but I really loved your dad for all the right reasons, and I don’t think I’ve loved anybody else.’

The model sat back down, an upset and possibly tearful expression dawning on her face as she looked over her fun, stating: ‘It’s f**ked.’

Brandon (left) and Dylan (right) both appear in the Netflix documentary (Picture: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Pamela sounded choked up as she walked away again, saying to Brandon: ‘Let’s go for a walk.’

The mother and son then walked out of the room, their arms wrapped around each …read more

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